Four Tet

Four Tet is the moniker of London based electronic musician Kieran Hebden, who first came to prominence as a member of the band Fridge. His music typically eschews the traditional format in favour of a more abstract approach - his sound and melodies incorporate elements of hip hop, electronica, techno, jazz, and folk music with live instrumentation.

Spanning 4 Four Tet studio albums, remixing, and live shows among other things, Kieran Hebden's career remains rooted in all kinds of musical camps. In the past couple of years Four Tet has released his fourth album "Everything Ecstatic", a DVD of music videos working with directors/artists such as Woof Wan Bau and Jason Evans, a DJ Kicks compilation as part of K7's legendary series, a compilation of his remix work, and has toured the UK, Europe, US and Japan extensively.

His work with legendary jazz drummer Steve Reid during this period has been a significant milestone in Hebden's career – what began as a handful of live collaborations (early shows in London and Paris in 2005 gave a glimpse of the great things to come), soon developed into something on a far grander scale. The fruits of a profound artistic connection that has produced 3 critically acclaimed albums for Domino records. Four Tet's remixing skills remain fully flexed in recent months having already produced a number of remixes for artists such as Explosions in the Sky, Thom Yorke and Steve Reich.

On July 1, 2012, Hebden said on Twitter that the following day, he would announce details of the sixth Four Tet studio album. The official announcement came on the next day and revealed that the new full-length release entitled Pink will consist of 8 tracks, 6 of them already released as singles, and is due out on August 20 through Four Tet's own record label, Text.

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