Mark Fell

Manitutshu *

  • A1. Acids In The... Thin Razor, Attack Noise Hat, Linn 2:29
  • A2. Acids In The... Primes Version 0:51
  • A3. Manitutshu (New Algorithm)... LatelyBass And NewElectro, Attack Pulse Hat 5:42
  • B1. Acids In The... Razor Experiment 0:51
  • B2. Manitutshu... Parameter Set 2, Linn Hi Tom, JazzOrg, Vortex Study Performance Overdub, And Synthesis Reminiscent Of Duet Emmo 6:23
  • B3. Acids In The... Stochastic Energy Pause With Thin Razor, Attack Noise Hat, Linn 1:47
  • C1. Manitutshu... First Algorithm Test 3:41
  • C2. Occultation Of... Razor Simple Acid Pause Version With LFO To Cutoff 1:47
  • C3. 'Materialisation' Epic Razor Chord And LatelyBass With Found Voice 3:26
  • D. Occultation Of... Mat Steel Extended Remix 14:57


Editions Mego - [Editions Mego 116]


May 2011

Country: Austria