The Model - A Special Man With Special Needs

The Model has become a truly successful role model on the electronic music scene. He's managed to become a must-see act, surprising in itself given that he's never been pushed forward by any marketing or promotion teams. Beat Factor caught up Romanian future hero The Model to speak about music, Romanian culture and important things from his life.

He's managed it because he truly is something else: motivated by extreme passion and vision, animated by amazing creativity and personal charisma that singles him out as a true entertainer. A self-taught producer, he managed to become the first Romanian producer to get signed to two major German dance labels: DJ Hell's International Deejay Gigolos and Traum Schallplatten. In March 2005 The Model released his track entitled Give in To Me on the 8th Gigolo Compilation, and that same month Traum release his first 12inch EP, called Robotiko.

If you've ever witnessed The Model in action, it's not something you're likely to forget. You won't need to look twice to figure out who's playing. Commanding the decks with poker-face single-mindedness, accompanied by a now-famous glass of milk in hand, he'll take you through a myriad of styles and states of mind. His sets are a music lesson delivered in a very direct and blunt fashion, which have won him a huge fan-base, and the reputation of being one of the most essential current DJ's. Since 2002, The Model has been building his own ELEKTRO.CASNICE cultural outlet.

Initially thought out as a platform for his projects, it slowly evolved into a respected artist collective involving Mihai Popoviciu, Das Komitee, Masstyk, Toygun and Punx Soundcheck. The Foundation album, The Model boldest project to date, is a soundtrack developed based on Isaac Asimov's famous Foundation series of books.

My story is the average story of a regular kid from a small town, who had big dreams.
Beat Factor: Hello! What is The Model doing at the moment? Planning to conquer the world after the new release on Under_ne?

The Model: Yes, so far we have achieved 12.74% of the World Global Conquering Plan, and things are being kept under strict control by myself and the team of dedicated scientists I am so privileged to work with. Speaker Gendibal has assured that once the Foundation and Empire album will be released, and the last remainings of the Galactic Empire will have been subdued, the plan will reach a staggering 28,96%. We must remind ourselves this is a long-term plan, and Hari Seldon has given us all necessary tools to achieve our goals. We just have to stay focused and determined.

Beat Factor: Speaking about Foundation, you said you've been influenced by Isaac Asimov's series of books. Are you into SF literature?

The Model: I am not your average sci-fi fan. This is the only series of books of this kind I have ever read, but the impact on my personal development was tremendous. When I read the books I didn't know what to expect at first. I thought at first it was going to be all robots and time travel and ships, but Asimov's Foundation books are a lot more than that, they are about psychology, philosophy, politics, science and global thinking, most importantly.

Beat Factor: What other books do you read? How much do you get influenced by books in general?

The Model: All my life I have dedicated most of my time to music. I have substituted books with my parents' family friends, who used to pay regular visits. I did not hang out much with my peers, but with them instead. So I was listening to their tales and finding about the world. Those were cool people, with good education in various fields. I was always a curious kid, who loved to listen.

Beat Factor: You have reached an international level in the last few years, after signing with DJ Hell's Gigolo imprint. For the people who don't know about The Model so much, what's your story in a few sentences?

The Model: My story is the average story of a regular kid from a small town, who had big dreams. I remember back in 1998, there was the first internet place in the student campus in Bukarest. I had just discovered the Gigolo label and their site, and I was saving my money to buy a couple of hours of internet time, instead of going to the movies. I was listening online and dreaming. Then in 2000 I started to make my own music with a borrowed computer and finally signed to Gigolo and Traum Schallplatten in 2004. When I received the emails from the labels, I was very happy. It was a pure moment of happiness.

Beat Factor: Where did you get your artist alias? Are you going to keep it for a longer time?

The Model: I am The Model, this is my name, it's who I am, so yes, I am stuck with it! And you guys are stuck with me, too!

Beat Factor: Is there anything in particular that made you produce electronic music?

The Model: At very first, it was the lack of music that made me do it. Back in 2000, Romania had no records stores, no internet. There were only parties with progressive music, which personally I hated. I still do. So I was looking at viva tv for one hour of electronic music every week and hearing a lot of cool tracks, but I had no chance to buy the records, or download them. So I decided I was going to make that music myself. Home-made cookies when there is no Milka.

Beat Factor: Is it true that you're a real gigolo?

The Model: When it comes to music, I am as Gigolo as I can get: determined, charming, eclectic, sexy and with an incredible appetite to jack.

Beat Factor: Speaking about Gigolo, why do you think Helmut gave this concept to his record label? Are you proud being featured as an artist in the Gigolo family?

The Model: The idea of an International Deejay Gigolo is a concept in itself, and if you think about the lifestyle that a top dj is enjoying, then you start understanding Hell. Allegedly, he was on plane with Jeff Mills when he first thought of the idea, flying business class and traveling the world. Asking me if I am proud of being a Gigolo is like asking if the world is round. I remember 7 years ago I was watching Hell live on TV, nowadays we both play on the same party. I am honored.

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The Model - A Special Man With Special Needs

February 25, 2008 at 3:53 PM CET


Beat Factor

Beat Factor: Did you discover any new live bands or producers which you consider outstanding?

The Model: Actually, I have met some amazing artists located in Chicago, their name is Speakakillaz, they make this amazing mix of techno, elektro, great melodies and vocals, very very intense and good music.

Beat Factor: How big of a deal is it for you to develop your own music style?

The Model: I find it vital to have your own identity, your own personalized sound. I think art is all about subjectivity and originality. I like to think nowadays I have found my own sound as a producer and as a DJ, although you must understand you as an artist and as an individual are subject to change, just like contract terms. You rediscover. You re-write.

Beat Factor: In Romania you're known for your fresh energetic elektro style. Have you ever thought of doing live acts?

The Model: Live acts are not for me. I am the dj type, really. I love to spend time in the studio during week time, but at the club I like to mix records. This is because I get bored of only one style, be it techno or elektro, or acid for that matter. In my mixes I play different styles and different states, I love to do that, I need to do that, so I wouldn't be able to achieve that with a live set.

Beat Factor: What other things The Model do in his spare time?

The Model: I visit my parents from time to time, and hang out with a few close friends. Right now, though, most time gets devoted to music. I realize for most people this might sound as a cliché, but I love that I do, and I am grateful for being able to do it every day.

Beat Factor: For people who never have been in Romania, what would you tell them?

The Model: I would tell them about the almost perfect landscape balance, about the 2ooo year history and our ways and charm.

Beat Factor: Do you consider relevant the connection between fashion and electronic music?

The Model: They are so intricately related, you can't really tell them apart at times. Every time a new kind of music emerged, so did the need for expressing that new philosophy through clothing and fashion and attitude. This is true of any kind of music, and electronic music makes no exception.

Beat Factor: What music plans do you have for the future?

The Model: The album that I will put out on Underl_ne will most likely be the very most important achievement in my music career, but I am already planning for the second album, believe it or not. Also, the launch of my own label will be an important step as well. It will showcase talented Romanian artists like Mihai Popoviciu, Masstyk, Das Komitee, and it will serve as a platform for some of my own projects. I got new tracks coming up on Gigolo this year, as well as starting a brand new collaboration with Still Music from Chicago.

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