Audio: Ricky Stone, a busy combination

Originally from the 'Steel City' of Sheffield, Ricky rocked clubs and raves across the UK before continuing his rise in the east. Moving to Asia in 2002, he set up base in the pulsating city of Hong Kong and swiftly forged a bright future as one of the region's most sought-after DJs.

As a passionate, party-hungry teenager, he felt the allure of acid house music soon after leaving school and instinctively took to the decks. He started DJing whenever and wherever he could, from local pirate radio stations to underground blues bars. Fully immersed in and inspired by UK club culture throughout the sensational 90s (especially at Shelley's in Stoke-on-Trent), he went on to play at Fantazia, Eclipse, Ministry of Sound, and The Cross, as well as at clubs across Europe.

Looking to take a break from touring in 2001, he accepted an offer of a four-week residency at Hong Kong's C Club. It was a life-changing move. With his dynamic, upfront sound seeming to find echoes in the progressive effervescence of the environment, what was to be a month-long trip to Asia ultimately lasted a whole lot longer.

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Heads up to what else is on the horizon now, because Ricky has three more dancefloor bombs in the bag, including Yeah with Jamie McHugh, Housemachine.Needlequeen with Kid Lopez, and an explosive workout with Mark Wilkinson. He's also all set to establish his own record label, 852 Recordings, as we speed into 2007 (852 being the phone code for Hong Kong).

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Other production outings have since involved Ricky joining forces with fellow Hong Kong-based expat Dan F, as Sinosine, to release the widely acclaimed Two Systems/One Country on Mob Records in 2004.

Relentlessly honing his production skills throughout 2005, while continuing to wow crowds on a global scale as a DJ, his output gained even more momentum in 2006. He made a return to the radio, this time in association with DJmag, to mix and present his Sounds from the Orient show, which is currently broadcast fortnightly in over 75 countries. He also toured North and South America, Australia, and Europe extensively, including regular appearances in Romania, where he has developed an incredible following, and a debut at Berlin's almighty Love Parade on the Pulse Radio & Om Records' float as it bobbed through a sea of 1.2 million attendees. Meanwhile, back to the studio sessions and Ricky's collaborations with uber-producer Dylan Rhymes led him to unleash the sublime Shanghai Taxi to much acclaim on Red Recordings. And whilst the Deepgroove remix of this driving club hit was signed to several cool compilations, the new remixes are sure to pick up extra props with a re-release in 2007.

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Audio: Ricky Stone, a busy combination

July 27, 2007 at 11:49 AM CEST


Beat Factor

Cementing his reputation as a superb international ambassador for electronic dance music, Ricky is on a one-way mission to share his gritty, future-tronic sounds with people all over the world.

Beat Factor: Hei Ricky. What you've been up to lately?

Ricky Stone: Hello. A lot! I set up my new record label, it's called 852 Recordings, Jonathan M Waller (aka 'The Fox'). I'm in Europe now, I was in America for about 8, 9 weeks.

Beat Factor: So how was the American tour?

Ricky Stone: Good! Really good, I enjoyed it. I met a lot of Americans, nice people there.

Beat Factor: What do you plan to do with your record label?

Ricky Stone: Well, signing a lot of new talent, we plan to sign one guy for an album. The label combines our dance floor experience in a potent mix of passion and professionalism. The number 852 may be the phone code for Hong Kong, where I'm based, but 852 Recordings will be home to an electric collection of future-focused house tracks from right around the globe.

Beat Factor: You've been in Romania for several times by now.. You've definitely made an opinion about the local scene from here. How is it so far?

Ricky Stone: Yes, it's excellent there. I love Romania! My favorite Djs are Rosario Internullo and Pagal (local talents), they will also play with me at Love Parade this year.

Beat Factor: I've seen some new cool tracks on Beatport. How's going with the music production?

Ricky Stone: Pretty good actually. I had a track on Cr2 with Timo Garcia from London. Last week we finished the follow up single to that; and 'Shangai Taxi' is coming with some new mixes and is getting a lot of support from Hernan Cattaneo and I think Paul Oakenfold is playing it. We'll have some new 852 nights in Amsterdam together with some new releases, so it's all good.

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