In the mirror with Jamie McHugh

The story really began when Jamie's Arcadia track was snapped up by David Duriez's prolific Brique Rouge Label. The follow up "CONfusion" looks certain to mirror that success with a release later this year on sister label, Kill Brique - a label that has already released tracks from the likes of Funk Da Void & Josh Wink.

His current track "Wrong" is out now on Dave Seaman's Audio Therapy imprint and is currently causing a stir as part of the Audio Therapy Spring/Summer Sampler 2007.

Jamie has also found the time to remix the seminal progressive classic "Pure" by Hawaii which has featured on two Renaissance Masters compilations for both Hernan Cattaneo & Dave Seaman is now being championed by a host of "Premier" DJs including the likes of Nick Warren, Dave Seaman, Hernan Cattaneo etc. With a remix for the MYNC Projects "R U Sure" - CR2's 50th release under his belt and various other remix projects for Lot49, Brique Rouge, Kill Brique and his monstrous remix of Meat Katie & D. Ramirez's next single, as well as exciting new original productions ready to be unleashed in the coming weeks, Jamie's keeping himself very busy.

A DJ in his own right, Jamie's mix CDs have found favour with Tom Stephan, Tall Paul and DJ mag who gave rave reviews for one of his mixes in a recent article. Jamie has played alongside everyone from DJ Hyper to Rui Da Silva, from Nick Warren to Seamus Haji.

– I have about 10,000 records at home and goodness knows how many cds.
Beat Factor: In the last year you seem to have exploded onto the scene, how did it happen and what can you tell people about your musical style:

Jamie McHugh: I recorded a guest mix for Tom Stephan's Kiss FM show and it picked up from there really, shortly afterwards I met up with Dave Robertson and we worked on a few tracks. I wouldn't really say I have a particular style, my DJ sets change from one gig to the next depending on what time I am playing, where I am playing and what I am feeling from the crowd. In the studio I tend to experiment with everything from deep house, breaks and techno.

Beat Factor: How long have you been DJing and why and where did you start?

Jamie McHugh: I have been DJ-ing for around 14 years, in that time I have been fortunate to play all over the world including Germany, Holland, Canada, Poland and China as well as guest mixes for Kiss FM and BBC Radio 1 in the UK. I fell in love with Acid House and Rave back in 1988 when it exploded in the UK, shortly afterwards I moved to Germany and witnessed the techno explosion in the early nineties.

Beat Factor: You've been DJ-ing for 14 years, why are we only hearing about you now?

Jamie McHugh: Well when I started I did have varying degree's of success, I managed to pick up gigs across Europe and played in some amazing places, but I was in the Army and I inevitably had to go away to places like Kosovo. Bosnia, The Gulf etc etc... And this meant I more or less had to start again every time I returned from a lengthy period away, so I had to leave the Army to make it work.

Beat Factor: Your tracks seem to have a unique sound to them, how do you achieve this?

Jamie McHugh: I usually work in the Studio with Dave Robertson, he's an outstanding engineer and a top bloke, we both love the same kind of music. I generally approach him with an idea for a track and I'll collect samples or maybe come up with a particular kick drum, riff or vocal that I want to use, sometimes when we're in the studio we'll stumble on something and that's when I have to decide whether to stick with the original idea or go off on a tangent.

Beat Factor: There's a great debate at the moment about DJ's hooking up with Engineers and whether or not this is OK – what do you think?

Jamie McHugh: I think this debate will run forever - It's not for me to say really everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I respect that. I have heard some people say it's OK for A list DJ's to work with an engineer but not for people who are starting out in production but I think that point of view is a little hypocritical. I have learned a great deal from Dave and we work well in the studio through a mutual love of house music, the results speak for themselves, if people like it then that's great. I have made tracks on my own and I have even released tracks that Dave hasn't had any involvement in, but I prefer working with him.

Beat Factor: How did you get your first break into production:

Jamie McHugh: "Dropout" was my first original production which was signed to James Harcourt's excellent Twisted Frequency label. He then asked me to remix "Pure". I owe him a great deal for showing some faith and giving me the break I needed.

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In the mirror with Jamie McHugh

March 27, 2007 at 8:52 AM CEST


Vlad Dumitrescu

Beat Factor: You have recently released tracks on Brique Rouge and CR2 how does it feel to release tracks on such great labels:

Jamie McHugh: I still can't believe it if I am honest, I keep checking Beatport to make sure it's true ha ha. I have been buying records since I was about 13 and house music since I was about 15 – I have about 10,000 records at home and goodness knows how many cds. I have been a fan of these labels since they were launched so to be associated with them is a dream come true.

Beat Factor: You mentioned Beatport, what do you think of the digital revolution?

Jamie McHugh: Like most people who have been DJ-ing for a few years, I was a vinyl junkie to start with, however when Beatport was launched I went out and bought a CDJ and I've been hooked ever since. I am now 99.9% digital and very rarely spin vinyl. I try to embrace every piece of technology available; I think you have to if you want to stay ahead.

Beat Factor: Who are your influences?

Jamie McHugh: I have loads - I am influenced by creative people with a thirst for the music, people like Dave Robertson, Meat Katie, Nic Fanciulli, James Zabiela, David Duriez, Tommy 47, Tom Stephan, Justin Drake, Paul Woolford and a whole host of others.

Beat Factor: Is it true that you never criticize other DJs/Producers?

Jamie McHugh: Ha ha Who told you that? Yes it is true; I certainly don't do it in public there is enough bitching in the industry without me getting involved.

Beat Factor: Your website says you have a very exciting future ahead of you, can you tell us more.

Jamie McHugh: I prefer to let the labels and promoters do the talking but I have some great gigs lined up for 2007 and releases on Audio Therapy, Brique Rouge & Lot 49.

Beat Factor: And lastly, what do you do on your free time?

Jamie McHugh: Ermmm, I don't have any free time ha ha - its all spent on the music. I also love spending time with my daughter, Olivia.

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