Ten Years of Trance with Armin van Buuren

Van Buuren was fascinated by music at a very early age. This was largely due to his father, who had an eclectic taste in music. Besides his love for music, Van Buuren slowly gained more interest in technology and computers. At the age of 14, he bought his first sampler, took his father's synthesizer and started to make music.

During his adolescence, he always rode his bicycle to school while listening to music from Jean Michel Jarre and Ben Liebrand's minimixes through his headphones. Having a great deal of respect for Ben Liebrand, Armin sent him a demo that was received enthusiastically. Liebrand taught Van Buuren a great deal about producing and mixing the following year.

Van Buuren's passion for mixing progressed. He started working as a DJ in a local club called Nexus, finished high school in 1995 and went on to university to study law. Meanwhile, he moved his studio equipment from his bedroom to a 'real' studio. The first tracks he produced in his new studio were, among others, hits like "Touch Me" and "Communication". Not liking to be confined to a particular style by labelling his music, the tracks that followed had varied feeling. Van Buuren has been quoted as saying, "Don't be a prisoner of your own style." He has described his musical style as euphoric, uplifting, melodic and energetic.

Everybody can call it what he or she wants, for me it is still trance.
Beat Factor: Recently you have released a new album called "10 Years". This means it's been 10 years since you lake music. On what level do you see yourself at this moment, after 10 years?

Armin van Buuren: Tying up loose ends was the main reason to release this album but it was also a little celebration of 10 years work as a producer. It's been a very sensational time with the raise of trance and to see it grow to what it is now. That's what I find the most fascinating.

Beat Factor: How the album was received by the fans? Do you think you have satisfied their expectations?

Armin van Buuren: 10 Years is not a "best of" album, it's more a selection of previously unreleased and exclusive remixes etc. The album is selling really well so I guess you can see that as a recognition. For me it's nice to close a certain period in my life with this album.

Beat Factor: With this new album, a mega tour of promotion is up. You'll also be playing in Bucharest, in February. How do you feel coming for the second time in Romania?

Armin van Buuren: Last year it was one of my favorite gigs and the Romanian crowd is one of the best in the world. I get a lot of email from Romania from fans listening to my show etc. It's great to see Romania is now part of the EU as well.

Beat Factor: What do you know so far about the Romanian traditions and people?

Armin van Buuren: To be honest I don't know very much. I do know a little bit about the history and I think it's now one of my favorite countries in the former east block.

Beat Factor: Do you prepare something special for this show in Bucharest; musically speaking?

Armin van Buuren: I'm testing out a lot of new tracks of my new album right now and I'm not DJ-ing very much at the moment so you bet you can hear a lot of never heard before tracks in my set!

Beat Factor: Do you know any Romanian DJ / producer? Vania (a Romanian DJ and producer) will be making the warm up set, just like in the last year when you played here.

Armin van Buuren: I'm a big fan of Vardran from Romania. He's an amazing producer.

Beat Factor: Your actual style of music is described more as electro-house than trance. Do you still consider yourself a trance DJ, just like everyone knows you for?

Armin van Buuren: Everybody can call it what he or she wants, for me it is still trance.

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Ten Years of Trance with Armin van Buuren

February 9, 2007 at 1:01 PM CET


Beat Factor

Beat Factor: Do you still run the process of collecting tracks for your ASOT 2007 compilation? What tracks did you find so far?

Armin van Buuren: Yes I already have 9 (!) exclusive tracks.

Beat Factor: On what point do you think dance music will be in five years?

Armin van Buuren: Still rocking and still being what young people talk about

Beat Factor: Do you happen to remember how was it back then, when you started to produce and release music?; it says you started writing tracks when you were 14 years old.

Armin van Buuren: It was very different back then. It sounds quite unbelievable but there was NO internet in these days and we were all playing vinyl. I guess countries were more focused on their local hero's and DJ's. It's funny to see how internet globalizes dance music.

Beat Factor: Nowadays a DJ like you can gather more than 10.000 people on a show. Do you think that DJs are the next rock superstars?

Armin van Buuren: No, DJs can't be superstars like rock stars. Rock stars play their own tracks live and DJ's play music made by other people. Both (Rock stars and DJs) can become very popular though :)

Beat Factor: What's new on your record label Armada Music? Did you discover lately any new talents?

Armin van Buuren: Yes, we currently have a lot of new artists under contract. I'm very proud to be working with guys like Sean Tyas, Dave 202, Thomas Bronzwaer, Leon Bolier, Blake Jarrell, and Jennifer Rene etc etc.

Beat Factor: Amsterdam is known as a city without restrictions on drugs. You manage the record label there; what's your position upon drugs?

Armin van Buuren: I don't do drugs and I never will.

Beat Factor: Do you have anything to say to your Romanian fans, who (most of them) are desperately waiting the Armin Van Buuren concert?

Armin van Buuren: Thank you very much for your support in the last year and I'm really looking forward to see you soon in Romania. Let's make it our best night yet!

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