Q & A Session with King Unique

King Unique are two guys called Matt who make rough-edged dirty house music, Matthew Roberts and Matt "Watkins" Thomas, a pair of studio junkies with a taste for bulldozer beats and sick synthesizers. Their music has turned up everywhere from Hollywood soundtracks to mobile ringtones, not to mention countless compilations and mix albums.

Their decks'n'fx DJ sets have made them regulars in some of the world's most respected clubs and biggest festivals, while the "King Unique Broadcast" radio mix series regularly airs to countries across the globe. On the very few days they aren't making tracks in the studio or diving into DJ booths the Matts can be found chopping up the very latest cool and dirty music from across the globe, reassembling it into the "King Unique Broadcast" radio mix series. Broadcast through an ever increasing network of stations from Argentina to Iceland, these are no ordinary radio mixes; each KU Broadcast features dozens of tracks, with single tunes built from pieces of three or four different records, cut up and re-assembled into exclusive King Unique edits and mash-ups.

The productions make for an equally impressive line up; "Dirty", "Sugarhigh", "Lighters" and new cut "Flashing Lights". "Obscene, dirty, filthy, immoral" set out the King Unique agenda on "Dirty" by Dirty, the first of a series of singles released on Junior Boys Own. Next they raised the stakes with "Sugarhigh", a track dreamt up in a tiny techno bar in Tokyo whilst under the influence of too much vodka and too little sleep.

we are dirty house (...)we do feel there's always a dirty undercurrent to our music. We try not to make shiny nice music!!
Beat Factor: Why did you choose this name (Kupon) for your latest project?

King Unique: Because it had the first 2 letters Of King Unique, and because it make us laugh.

Beat Factor: Are you planning other releases with this project, or it was just an experiment?

King Unique: No, we'd like to do more Kupon records for sure.

Beat Factor: What is King Unique doing at the moment?

King Unique: King Unique have been touring heavily to promote our Mix LP, everywhere from NYC, Rio, KL, Sydney and London.

Beat Factor: "If you like King Unique you'll probably like the music on Curfew". What do you plan to do with this record label?

King Unique: We plan to release records by us and a few new people we met on our travels.

Beat Factor: There will be other producers in order to release music on your label, or you just stick to your own releases?

King Unique: Yes, the next Release is by Tim Richards, who lives in Auckland, NZ.

Beat Factor: In what manner do you think this record label will have an influence upon the dance music scene?

King Unique: We don't really think it will. It's just somewhere for us to release what we want to release.

Beat Factor: How do you split your tasks when you are both in the studio?

King Unique: Matt Thomas does more technical stuff, whilst Matthew Roberts just talks all the time on and on and on all day.

Beat Factor: Please define "dirty house". The term can still be used in order to describe your music?

King Unique: Yes, we are dirty house. We just like to use that blanket term so we get to play what we like, but we do feel there's always a dirty undercurrent to our music. We try not to make shiny nice music!!

Beat Factor: What was your first impressions regarding this year's Top 100 DJ Mag?

King Unique: We have never really taken too much notice of it. I don't think it's an accurate representation, but I gather if you are high up in there you can charge more money, especially in China.

Beat Factor: It is very rare people to see both of you playing at the same decks, when you're touring. Why is this?

King Unique: We pretty much played every gig together for the last 6 years, but now we are doing separate dates for a few months, as Matt Thomas is in Australia, doing that part of the world, whilst Matthew Roberts has stayed at home in the UK until the end of 2006. The other reason that we are starting to play separately as well as together is because we can make more money that way.

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Q & A Session with King Unique

December 2, 2006 at 3:18 PM CET


Beat Factor

Beat Factor: What new studio / programming innovations can you share with us?

King Unique: We just use the best plug ins we can get and fiddle about until it sounds good.

Beat Factor: For M.Roberts: Please describe your partner.

Mathew Roberts: Fussy, clever, nice and grumpy.

Beat Factor: For M. Thomas: The same, please describe your partner.

Mathew Thomas: Cranky, grumpy nice and stupid.

Beat Factor: With so many productions, when do you plan a King Unique artist album?

King Unique: We did try that once, but it was a total nightmare, so probably never now.

Beat Factor: Tell us a few words about your compilation with NuBreedm 'Electric 02' on EQ. How hard was to find the tracks?

King Unique: A bit yeah, but that's our job.

Beat Factor: Can this mix be considered one of your King Unique Broadcast radio shows or it's something different?

King Unique: No, it is a bit different. With a KU broadcast we can do whatever we like, and tend to mash it up more. This LP is more traditional Mix-comp fare.

Beat Factor: What did you guys expect from this mix CD and what feedback did you get at the end?

King Unique: Not sure. We just did it, then went out and played loads and loads of bookings to promote it. We got some good reviews, but were too tired to read them!

Beat Factor: Being separated so much time when touring, how do you two keep in touch?

King Unique: Instant messenger, telegram and telepathically.

Beat Factor: What was the last movie you saw and how was it?

Mathew Roberts: I (Mathew Roberts) saw "The Devil Wears Prada" on the plane home from Brazil, and enjoyed it. Perfect Plane material.

Beat Factor: What was the biggest problem you couldn't make it through?

King Unique: None yet, but I suppose one day staying alive will become a problem that can't be overcome, but hopefully that's not going to happen just yet!

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