Asian Rock n' Roll with Ricky Stone

Creative and technical talent, a warm heart, and an undying dedication to dance music (not to mention years of hard work!) obviously go a long way to explaining Ricky's ascent. As a passionate, party-hungry teenager, Ricky Stone felt the allure of acid house music soon after leaving school and instinctively took to the decks.

DJing and producing is all about talent and personality and Ricky Stone has bags of both. His ability to connect with clubbers and bring dancefloors alive is truly outstanding. Originally from the 'Steel City' of Sheffield, Ricky rocked clubs and raves across the UK before continuing his rise in the east. Moving to Asia in 2002, he set up base in the pulsating city of Hong Kong and swiftly forged a bright future as the region's most sought-after DJ.

So when Sasha toured China for the first time in 2004, Ricky was the one chosen to accompany him, performing at every single show on his Involver tour. Fast forward a few months and DJ Magazine were documenting the scale of Ricky's rise, as he became the very first Hong Kong/China-based Artist to break into their prestigious Top 100 DJs Poll.

Voted # 48 in the world by masses of loyal supporters throughout Asia in 2005, he proceeded to climb eight places to # 40 in 2006 – and is currently on a roll as the poll's highest ranked DJ based in Asia!

DJ-ing it has always been my job since I left school at 15 years old. I didn't really realize it would be a full time profession until the late 90's
Beat Factor: For those who don't know much about Ricky Stone, how would you describe the music you play? The signature from your website is 'Rock n Roll'...

Ricky Stone: Haha yes, 'Rock n Roll' is referring to the style of my website not my music. It's always a difficult yet most asked question. I can't describe my music that I play because I don't play any one particular style, more a journey.. Music journalists come up with new names for it every year, but let's be honest its house music at the end of the day. The current term 'Electro' is fuck all like what I used to play back in the early late 80's. Tracks by Hashim, Rockers Revenge and Grandmaster Flash are what I called real Electro

Beat Factor: Why did you choose to stay in Hong Kong? Please tell us the 'Chinese' story.

Ricky Stone: Well simply I went there to play for 2 months in C Club and never left! After 3 weeks in Asia I knew this was the place for me. That was almost 4 years ago..

Beat Factor: How do you think 'Shanghai Taxi' on Red Recordings has been perceived by the public? Did you get positive feedback from the media?

Ricky Stone: Yes it has done more than I ever expected. Actually, it will get a re release in January 2007 with 6 new remixes. It was played six times the other week at the Top 100 DJ Magazine night @ Fabric.

Beat Factor: It's no news now that you reached the 40th position on the DJ Magazine Top 100 poll. Does this have any relevance for you and for your career?

Ricky Stone: Ever since I entered the chart back in 2005 @ 48 things did change a lot. It definitely opens up lots of new doors. I was always busy in Asia but now Europe and the States are calling. Time spent in the air has doubled for me now.

Beat Factor: It looks like you've organized such a big voting campaign. For what reason should people vote Ricky Stone instead of somebody else?

Ricky Stone: With Asia having the Worlds largest population helps allot I guess. My mailing list went from 5,000 to over 100,000 people in this past 18 months. I am also lucky in that I have a Global radio show and a great team of people working for me behind the scenes

Beat Factor: What production plans do you have for the next few months, after this 5 track EP? Have you considered the idea of an artist album?

Ricky Stone: My track with Kid Lopez 'House Machine Needle Queen' has just been released on Red Recordings. I have a track with Jamie McHugh that Meat Katie has just signed to his Lot 49 imprint. I also have a project with Mark Wilkinson from Dab Hands coming up early next year that we wrote this summer. My new record label will launch in January 2007 '852 Recordings' ( This is the country phone code for Hong Kong. I have signed some really great tracks but many unknown new Artistes. We also plan to do parties in Miami and a float on the Love Parade next year. Erm, also my Global Radio Show with Dj Magazine 'Sounds From The Orient' is now in 75 Countries and goes from Strength to strength.. There is a lot going on!

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Asian Rock n' Roll with Ricky Stone

November 23, 2006 at 2:58 PM CET


Beat Factor

Beat Factor: When actually did you start seeing DJ-ing and music as a job, as a profession?

Ricky Stone: It has always been my job since I left school at 15 years old. I didn't really realize it would be a full time profession until the late 90's when I started my residency for The Eclipse in the UK

Beat Factor: Is there any special club you've been playing and like to share the impressions with us?

Ricky Stone: Every club is a special experience for me! Too many too mention as favorites. The big festivals are always great but so are the small-unknown places. Oscar in Cluj (editor's note: he had a Romanian tour in cities like Bucharest, Cluj, Brasov) two weeks ago was a special evening for me. Very intimate and a really awesome crowd. Dokk club was also very good in Budapest.

Beat Factor: What's you opinion on net-labels, this concept of delivering music? Would you give some of your tunes to a net-label if you're asked to?

Ricky Stone: I'm all for it, it's the future. Gives more people many opportunities to get their music heard.

Beat Factor: Can you name some future events that you're excited about?

Ricky Stone: I'm very excited about next year, there are lots of great events that I have been booked for and I am involved with. Miami, Love Parade, Hawaii, South America and we will be touring the 852 label with our new Artistes and me.

Beat Factor: Sometimes artists who are interviewed feel there was something missing in the interview. Can you name a question you should be asked about, and also give the answer to it?

Ricky Stone:I have done allot of interviews recently, must say this has been the best questions of them all J.

Photos: Lucian Stanescu

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