Pure Pacha Interview - Dylan from the Bodyrockers

It's rare that you hear a record so instant, so instinctive, that you know it's going to take over the world without even breaking sweat. The Bodyrockers are Kaz James, one of Australia's leading house DJs, alongside UK guitarist and vocalist Dylan Burns. Together they are one of the most impressive duos, gaining a massive support from some of the most known and respected DJs.

'I Like The Way', by British/Australian duo Bodyrockers, is one of those records. An uproarious collision of styles Bodyrockers call "rock 'n' roll with electronic soul", it took four hours to make, caused mayhem throughout Ibiza despite only three copies being in existence and netted Bodyrockers a five album deal. "If an album takes a year to make there's something wrong," says Dylan Burns, Bodyrockers singer and multi-instrumentalist, in the converted South London crypt he calls home (and work – it has a studio). "The Prodigy – seven years to make an album? The Beatles' entire output took seven years! If it feels good, just do it, get it out, and keep your emotions in there. A lot of stuff is over produced and over thought. Ours is raw."

Between them, Bodyrockers have produced for the likes of Afrika Bambaata, Supafly and Carpe Diem, and are now busy in the studio working on their debut album. It's much anticipated following the act's new single "I Like The Way You" now being the number one Essential Tune on Pete Tong's Radio 1 program. It's also number three on the Buzz Chart, with the record receiving massive play from the likes of Erick Morillo and Steve Lawler.

We have played in London and a few others but to be honest Ibiza is the one with the best atmosphere. Ibiza and Pacha are synonymous with each other.
IMD: You're joining Pete Tong to play at his Pure Pacha nights in Ibiza this Summer, are you looking forward to it?

Dylan: Its always a pleasure to play at Pacha and Pete's night is the best night in the best club on the best island in the world, so, yes we look forward to it very much

IMD: Q: Have you played with Pete at any other venues around the world this year?

Dylan: We have played with Pete in Miami at the Versace party...which as you can imagine was a very glamorous affair

IMD: Pure Pacha will celebrate its 4th successful year on the island this season, what do you think has made it such a success?

Dylan: Pete is always on the nose musically and the crowd know they are going to be in for a great night with great music

IMD: What do you think about Jade Jagger teaming up with Pete to host the Global room with her Jezebel Parties? Will you be partying with her?

Dylan: Jade is a very cool character and brings a beautiful Balearic vibe to the party, we most certainly will be partying with her

IMD: Pacha is one of the most famous clubbing brands in the world, what is so special about playing at Pacha in Ibiza?

Dylan: As I said before you just feel like you are at the best party going on anywhere in the world

IMD: Pacha has over 20 franchises worldwide from Barcelona to Buenos Aires and Majorca to Marrakech. What other Pacha clubs have you played at and did you enjoy it?

Dylan: We have played in London and a few others but to be honest Ibiza is the one with the best atmosphere. Ibiza and Pacha are synonymous with each other

IMD: What can we expect from your set at Pure Pacha?

Dylan: Give the crowd what they want and give it our all...I will be rocking out with my little blue perspex guitar and singing a few songs and Kaz will be on the decks blowing kisses to all girls

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Pure Pacha Interview - Dylan from the Bodyrockers

September 5, 2006 at 2:55 PM CEST


IMD / Nikki Wright

IMD: Are you playing at any pre parties before you set at Pure Pacha?

Dylan: No. Just the main event.

IMD: Where will we find you after your set? Do you have a favourite place where you like to continue partying?

Dylan: You never know where Ibiza will take you, thats the beauty of it but lets just say in all the years I have been going to Ibiza I have never once caught my scheduled flight back!

IMD: When it all gets a bit much, where is your favorite place to get away from it all and chill-out?

Dylan: Hacienda spa.

IMD: Describe your perfect day in Ibiza...

Dylan: Strawberry daquiris at Jockey club on salinas beach, siesta with a beautiful lady, dinner at studio on cala de virgin, drinks with Javier and Rob and all the boys at Mambo, play at Pacha, Party back at Jade's....

IMD: When was your first visit to Ibiza an what was it like?

Dylan: It was about 94/95 and I cant remember it

IMD: And finally, what current projects are you working on? Do you have any productions or albums in the pipeline we can look forward too?

Dylan: Our new single "Happy Days" is out in October and the new album will follow shortly after.

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