Frank Lorber, One of Cocoon's Specialists

Frank Lorber, born in Giessen, now lives in the small metropolis of Frankfurt. He began spinning records at a very young age, making his public debut at the age of 16 in a Giessen club. From these humble beginnings Lorber's DJ career would rapidly take root and begin to flourish. At the moment he owns his own record label called Nummer where he releases not only his own music but also other talented artists and still tours a lot worldwide DJ-ing.

The first time when Frank Lorber released an original production was in 1994, when he created Slow Waves 01 together with this mate Pascal FEOS. From that its 12 years now and Frank Lorber is still making music and plays is various locations worldwide. Maybe you wonder how he is still involved in the dance music scene? He is, and he will be, for at least ten years by now, as he promises. He is the main man from the record label Nummer Schallplaten, lately he has released a compilation on Cocoon Recordings called Play. He is also on the Cocoon's DJ roaster.

Frank can be found anywhere: London, Tokyo, Madrid, Ibiza, Gent, Bucharest and many other big cities where the dance music scene has evolved a lot in the last years. He also played at some big festivals including I Love Techno, Nature One, Mystery Land and others. He has a quite long story to say from the beginnings of DJ-ing and producer till now. His music has changed and developed as he got older: techno, minimal techno, electro, tech-house, better said everything which is musically funny and attracts you electronically!
During the co-op with Stefan Straka, the idea of an own label called "nummer schallplatten" occurred. The label shall provide a platform for young artists such as 2 Dollar Egg, San Lebowsky, Project 69, Sikora, Someone Else, Erik Besier and others.

I created Nummer because I was tired of that system. Send demos around, wait month for an answer, no influence for the artwork, mastering etc. I thought after more than 10 years as a DJ in the music bizz its time to create something by myself
Beat Factor: Frank Lorber has been spinning the discs for over 15 years now. Member of the Cocoon booking, you have played in big clubs all over the world. Where have you played recently and how was the atmosphere there?

Frank Lorber: Last week on Friday at played at the cocoon club in Frankfurt; I played as Lobby Lobster, that's a alter ego I use in Frankfurt for smaller things together with Toni Rios (Tony Montana) we played the whole night at the micro, that's the 2nd floor, it was great, the complete club was packed with 2500 people. On the main floor Sven Väth and Richy Hawtin played so you can imagine how crowded it was, the people and we went crazy in both floors till 9 o clock in the morning. On Saturday I played at the Robert Johnson club on that night they had the second part from a party which started at the day in a beach club in Frankfurt. The whole complex was busy (the Robert Johnson club is in a big building in the first floor, on the ground floor there is a club called MTW, both clubs were packed with 2000 people and we partied till 10 o clock. The line up on that night was, Magda, Ata, Someone Else, Ricardo Villalobos, Mambo tour live, me and some others......

Beat Factor: Tell us about your latest mix CD Play, released on Cocoon. Can you make an insight of this compilation? What is the goal of Play?

Frank Lorber: The goal of that CD was to represent my own style because my last mix CD was in 2002 on Harthouse called In case of Frank Lorber; till that time my music changed a lot, I created my own label Nummer. So I used it to show some of the productions from Nummer, to represent my music style and to put out another nice gift on cocoon for music lovers all over the world

Beat Factor: In 2003 you made your own record label, Nummer Schallplatten. What made you decide make your own label? Do you think an electronic music producer can express himself better when he owns a record label?

Frank Lorber: I created Nummer because I was tired of that system. Send demos around, wait month for an answer, no influence for the artwork, mastering etc. I thought after more than 10 years as a DJ in the music bizz its time to create something by myself. To feature new artists and all the other great things you can put in that kind of work. And it is also the best business card for me.

Beat Factor: Do you see your label as a business or do you consider it just fun? What do you plan to do with it in the future?

Frank Lorber: It starts with fun but now I take it very seriously it's a hard business. I spend a lot of time to keep it fresh and musically attractive.

Beat Factor: Nummer is enhancing at the moment some of the hottest minimalist producers, such as Someone Else, 2 Dollar Egg, Sikora and your own Project 69. What artists are planned for a next release at Nummer Schallplatten?

Frank Lorber: Just to name a few new 12"inches on Nummer: Nummer 17 will be from a new artist I have called Nass; his original name is Alexander Geiger` from Cologne, he produced under his alias `Geiger Trax`. After that one kit Clayton from San Francisco is releasing a 12inch on Nummer, a new 2 Dollar Egg is waiting to be released and so on and so on....

Beat Factor:How would you characterize your musical style in few words?

Frank Lorber: Organic sound design

Beat Factor: Do you prefer doing music alone or collaborating with other producers?

Frank Lorber: I prefer the work with colleges like Sikora or the 2 Dollar Eggs, I sometimes work a lot by myself but just to collect ideas or to arrange something. Maybe it s time for a solo project :)

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Frank Lorber, One of Cocoon's Specialists

August 27, 2006 at 2:59 AM CEST


Bianca Balan & Beat Factor

Beat Factor: How Frank Lorber's studio setup looks and what do you use when you tour?

Frank Lorber: I just use 2 Technics and a Xone 92 mixer from Allen and Heath when I am on tour that's totally enough to rock the crowd, I am really old Scholl in that. My studio set up looks like Powerbook, Abbleton 5.0, Cubase newest version, 808, 909, chaos pad, finallizer, fireworks, some compressors and tons of reactor plug ins. That's how I work at the moment!

Beat Factor: As a producer, where do you get your inspiration from?

Frank Lorber: I get my inspiration from all kinds of music and traveling in different countries, that's the best inspiration you can get.

Beat Factor: In which country did you receive the most negative feedback from the public?
Frank Lorber: Honestly I don't know...

Beat Factor: Are there any places you haven't played yet and would really like to? For example some big festivals or parties.

Frank Lorber: I never played in Brazil, that must be fun :)

Beat Factor: Which other producers and DJs do you justly appreciate?

Frank Lorber: Martin Gore, David Sylvian and many others...

Beat Factor: How do you see yourself in 10 years? Still involved in the dance music or do you plan for a retreat?

Frank Lorber: I think and hope that I can work with music for the next 20 years, as a dj, producer, label owner, bar owner. I love the nightlife , I grow up with it...

Beat Factor: Have you ever been on a diet?

Frank Lorber: Diet? No!

Beat Factor: Do you consider yourself good looking?

Frank Lorber: Are you joking : )

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