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Audiofly is a London based duo of DJs and producers consisting in Luca Saporito and Anthony Middleton. Starting work together for almost four years now, they made themselves noticed through some amazing original productions and remixes. Not only producing music, but also DJ-ing, Audiofly had important residencies such as Steve Lawler's Thursday nighter on the terrace at Space (Ibiza).

They released on some major record labels such as Low Pressing, Little Mountain, Fantastic House, Get Physical, Low Pressing and remixes on Fantastic House as well, Ocean Trax, Positiva and others. In their profile also can be mentioned some fruitful collaborations with a few important names from the dance music scene such as Paul Harris (Break / Play), James Talk (the track Cool Wet Grass, Stuart Geddes (resulting the Audiofly's third moniker, Stereo Type and the production called Rekleyner) and DJ Miss Jools (resulting Sleeper Thief). Their combined talents have created a powerful, experimental and original style of music,(a deadly, dirty, jackin, tech meets electronic House).

Currently Audiofly are getting support and plays from many of the biggest names in the industry.....Pete Tong, Steve Lawler, Nic Fanciulli, Clive Henry, Mr C, Carl Cox, Tiefswarz, Miss Jools, Alex Neri, Rocky (X-press 2) Ralf, Claudio Coccoluto, Paolo Mojo, hector Romero, Satoshi Tomie, Gigarobot and Different Gear to name a few. They Have also been featured on the WHAT'S HOT page in DJ magazine for their single I CAN'T REMEMBER' giving them a massive exposure around the world.

I guess the most exciting of all is the compilation we're doing for SAW due out early in the autumn. It's our first comp and as such we are exploding with ideas of how to make it an original ride!!!
Beat Factor: How did the Audiofly project begin? Can you speak about how did you meet and start working together? Also what's the story behind the alias Audiofly?

Anthony: Well, some three and a half years ago, I was promoting a certain party and Luca had come up as a name to DJ there.....after the party we chatted and decided that we might try some production together in the future....A remix opportunity soon came up so we had a go....the result was the Live Love remix. Steve Lawler heard it and featured it on his Lights Out compilation which really gave us instant profile pus. As for the name, Luca had a moment of divine inspiration on that's a great name because even if you haven't heard about us, it's the kind of name people hear and say "yeah, I think I recognize that name!!"

BF: Let's talk about the latest release on Saw, "Stolen Goods / Mind Goes Blank" which was also featured on Satoshi Tomiie's Renaissance 3D Album. Is there a big difference between the music you produce and the tracks you set up for a mix?

Ant.: When we wrote that E.P, we were just moving into a more experimental space and so Stolen Goods was actually the first release we have done, under the new "Audiofly X" moniker. The "X" is all about the experimental aspect of Audiofly, so we were really pleased that Satoshi and Hector wanted to run with the project.

Luca: And there is really no difference between the music we produce and the sets we play. We never play the same set twice and we don't always include our own depends on the crowd. Ideally, we like to include our own stuff, but sometimes it doesn't feel appropriate....we just go with the flow.

BF: Where do you get your inspiration in producing music? Do you follow a standard pattern or each time you are trying to build up a track from zero point?

Ant.: Well we obviously have a bag of tricks we have been developing over the years, which is always a good place to start, but we like to try and incorporate new elements every single time we make a new stay still is a kind of musical death for us.

Luca: Also we really enjoy collaborating at the moment as this gives us new perspectives on our music, with each different person we write. Working with others brings out new expressions in our own productions and methods.

BF: What would be the most exciting production you made?

Luca: Well, there are too many to mention but the most exciting has to be a recent one we've done called "LOST" which is going to Moodmusic in Germany. Our style is always evolving but this particular track has got everything we both want from a piece of music: the melody, the groove and the dance floor appeal.

Ant.: I think our new collaboration with Satoshi called Opus Ink is also really exciting. It's like Carl Craig meets Audiofly, meets Satoshi Tomiie....Old School /New School beauty and madness.

BF: Audiofly is known on the dance music scene more as a factory of producing music than as two DJs. Have you ever considered that you should improvise your sound when you play? For example, making a live act instead of a Dj set?

Ant.: This is an issue we have been talking about for some time. Quite early in our career we realized that we would become very well known as Producers and that we must balance that out if we wanted to really make waves on the club scene. So since then we have really been pushing the DJ sets and have recently joined Excession, one of the best known agencies in the world....finally things are starting to balance out and people are becoming aware of us as DJ's too, rather than just a production outfit.

Luca: We've actually just started working with Ableton Live...trying to integrate it into our existing's very exciting and it's bringing a kind of Live remixing element to our sets.....Also being two people playing at all times makes our dj gigs even more exciting to watch as we're always trying to keep ourselves busy eiher with loops or sounds effects...

BF: Do you plan any new material to be released soon, on 12" or mix CD? Is it something important to be announced?

Ant.: As we said before later on this year the Opus Ink project will be coming out on SAW, before that, there is the Audiofly X – LOST project coming out on Mood. And next month sees the release of the remix we've just finished for Yoshimoto's new track.

Luca: But I guess the most exciting of all is the compilation we're doing for SAW due out early in the autumn. It's our first comp and as such we are exploding with ideas of how to make it an original ride!!! More on that to come...

BF: Besides the original tracks you have made lots of remixes for some very hot productions. How do you split the tasks in the studio when you make music? Do you consider that working as a duo is easier than making the job all by yourself?

Luca: We always love doing remixes because it gives us a chance to explore new musical territories whilst keeping the integrity of the original track intact. It's an opportunity to take an existing idea and put our own spin on it. As remixers, we take on a project because we are inspired by the original in some way, so you're already into the groove, so to speak, when you start the's a lot of fun most of the time.

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Audiofly - the music factory

June 5, 2006 at 6:52 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

Ant.: And in the studio environment, obviously each person has a different role in order to accomplish the work. I , for example deal with all the hands-on engineering tasks...(I mean, only one person can be in the technical driving seat at any one time , anyway) and Luca takes more of a Producer role... he also makes a great cup of tea too ..ahaha.

BF: What's the most important event you took part in? And where else would you like to play and never had the occasion?

Luca: I think that our residency for Steve Lawlers VIVA night @ Space Terrace ,Ibiza was a special turning point in our careers. It gave us amazing coverage and really profiled our DJ skills. After that summer gig, we were all of a sudden properly "on the Radar."

Ant.: We have several dream gigs on our wishlist.... really looking forward to playing one day at Pacha, Buenos Aires, DC10 Ibiza, Warunge Brazil and ,of course, Zouk in Singapore.

BF: Is there any influence from your family roots?

Audiofly: None whatsoever!!!

BF: Do you follow the trends or do you stick to your own style regarding both of you as a team?

Ant.: We really keep an eye on what is going on, on the scene and our music tastes develop organically out of what we find inspiring at the time we produce something. We also get our inspiration from what we see happening on the dance floor when we play and so our productions flow out of these elements.

Luca: When we produce, we often come into conflict with each other too....we often argue about where a track should go...we get pissed off with each other...have a 5-10 minute break, and then somehow that friction always seems to become really good creative energy which leads us in interesting new directions. So ironically, we often appreciate a good fight!!

BF: Which was the worst hotel you stayed in when on tour?

Luca: When traveling we always ask for two double rooms because spending so much time with each other every day we obviously need our privacy at the end of our gigs but in one particular occasion on our way to a gig in Naples the promoter booked us a double room for both of us. To make even more unfortunate the bed was actually a matrimonial and there weren't any rooms left!!!

Ant.: ...also there was no air con(it was the middle of the summer in Naples) and Luca stole all the bed sheets in the night...and he snores!!

BF: How do you like Madonna's new approach to dance music, including Holden and Danny Howells remixes?

Luca: Madonna has always been involved in dance music in one way or another and this union has proved very prolific for her in the long term as she now appeals to the younger market as well as the older fan. To be honest I am not a huge fan of her music but I appreciate the fact that she has been able to maintain her rate of success highly throughout all this years. Dance music has always been at the forefront of Madonna's musical career.

Ant.: I don't necessarily think that the choices of remixes has anything to do with Madonna herself but rather a choice of her label as James and Danny are both really successful djs and producers and both have sold thousands of their singles and remixes.
James Holden especially has managed to make one of the most incredible remixes of Nathan Fake's classic "The Sky Was Pink" and that was always gonna get him noticed...

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