Mick Wills - The pride of Gigolo Records

Mick Wills was born near Stuttgard, Germany in 1972. Since he was very young he started to organize parties together with his brother and so he started to get the taste for electronic music. After many years of DJ-ing, Mick Wills releases in 2001 his first track on Dj Hell's Gigolo Records. And a few EPs after that such as 'Atomic', 'Monster EP' or 'War of the Nations' released on the same label, Gigolo.

We met Mick Wills with the help of The Model (an up and coming DJ and producer from Romania, also artist for Gigolo) in a restaurant and we had a chat six guys (one of us was a girl) to a table of two. A little bit aflutter after three double espresso, Mick told me how did he become DJ, an artist for Gigolo, what are his future plans and his conceptions regarding electronic music and the clubbing scene. Read bellow for an exclusive interview with Mick Wills.

Beat Factor: You're for the second time in Romania. How the Romanian dance scene is at this moment in your opinion?

Mick Wills: Yes, it's a nice scene; I think the last year a lot of things happened here in Romania. So I think there's a big evolution, a big music evolution, the young people like electronic music and they want to see many artists from all over the world. Right now there are many styles of electronic music, and for me, I prefer a special type of music so I think there are many direction of music stuff. For example, there's electro music, techno music, also progressive (not my favorite style), and I think many things are happening here.

All the music released here it depends on DJ Hell. Only he is the one who decides what track and material will have a release on the label. So, if you produce good tracks and DJ Hell likes it, you'll have a release on Gigolo!
BF: How did you become an artist for Gigolo Records?

MW: The thing is that I know DJ Hell for many years now, I organized in the past many parties and I did this with DJ Hell too. I first meet him in '94, in a club, we played together, and we just became friends and we understood each other. And in '96 after a party he told me he wants to start a label, and if I want to release some music stuff I could send him. And in '97 I began to produce music, in 2001 I sent him some tracks, and actually this is the beginning of the collaboration with Gigolo.

I have one track of mine from '96 co-produced with a guy from a band, it was released on a promotion CD, and that would be my first track, but nobody knows it, because it was only a promotion release. So, in '97 I decided to buy some equipment, some keyboards, sampler, and more hardware, and I began to produce some stuff in '99, 2000, so in 2001 I had the first release.

BF: Can you mention some new projects you're working on right now?

MW: Yes, I have a new track on the Gigolo compilation no 9, I'm working for new tracks, I want to release a new 12", and in the future I hope I'll produce an album, an artist album with my own stuff.

BF: As a Gigolo artist, what do you think is the main aim of the label?

MW: I think the label is open-minded; DJ Hell released many styles on Gigolo, beginning from electro over techno and industrial techno too. For example the release with the Dirty Criminals is really electronic body music combined with industrial. So, there are many styles on Gigolo, but it's always electronic...I think the aim of Gigolo is to release good music.

All the music released here it depends to DJ Hell. Only he is the one who decides what track and material will have a release on the label. So, if you produce good tracks and DJ Hell likes it, you'll have a release on Gigolo!

BF: Can you describe your sound for those whom are not very familiar with Mick Wills' music?

MW: Strong music for strong people! (smiling)

BF: Playing in various clubs worldwide gave you the chance to see all kind of people. Where do you think your music style has been very well perceived?

MW: Well, I really like the East part of Europe! Romania is one of the countries, I had this party last year in Sibiu at a club and it was really cool, a really crowded small party with music lovers. I like underground parties, small parties with special people who love and understand music. I played in Hungary many times, I just played in Kiev, it was really cool there, also Moscow, Poland. In the Eastern Europe the music scene is not so old; the people are more and more impressed by my stuff.

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Mick Wills - The pride of Gigolo Records

March 12, 2006 at 12:26 PM CET


Dragos Rusu

BF: What up and coming producers do you like and recommend?

MW: Oh, it's hard..(laughing). There are so many...The Model is one of them, haha (ed. note: The Model is a Romanian producer and DJ who recently had a release on the Gigolo compilation no 8 – he was also at the table with the interview). For example Matthew Johnson is a guy from the new generation of producers; I like his music stuff very much.

I collect so many records and there are so many good artists, and If I think about your question, then Matthew Johnson is one guy with big potential to be a big producer in the future, to break through the industry.

BF: When exactly you thought of becoming a DJ?

MW: It's a long history, I think I was 10 or 8 when I was collecting records, some music stuff from the radio, I think it was '86 – '87 when I was recording many many hours of music from the radio. The first time I played records as a DJ it was '86, I organized together with my brother parties in my hometown, and I was the DJ.

BF: What's your favorite club at the moment?

MW: A really good club is The Loft from Barcelona, I love this club! The Sibiu party was really cool (Chill Out Club)

BF: How do you think the electronic music has evolved during the years?

MW: In the past there was normal to play in one night a mix between electro, house, techno or something, but now I think more and more DJs play only one style, for example only techno, only progressive house, electro or something like that. I still play old stuff too, I'm a big records collector, I collect many styles of music, from italo-disco to Chicago house, industrial music, IDM, techno, electro...My style is to combine many many styles in one night, so thinking in the past for me, I was not playing so many styles, I was playing more techno or housey stuff, but now I know more about the history of music, and I combine old stuff from '82, together with new house or techno tracks. For me, is normal to combine many things in a set, but many DJs today play only one stuff.

BF: Can you tell us a funny thing that happened during a gig of yours?

MW: Funny was that once I was playing in Barcelona in The Loft club, and I wanted to play one track more together with the last track, and the guy stole the hatchel from the mixer so I had to stop the set. But it was really cool, so it was really funny because it was eight in the morning and it was enough. It was ok anyway...

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