Oscar G - "Drums are a must"

When he's not touring the world, Oscar G. serves as the monthly resident at Miami's premiere club Space. As one half of Murk, Oscar is busy running two labels – Murk Records and Murk Classics – and continues to deliver as a producer and remixer.

Last year Oscar G. and Ralph Falcon re-released their 1992 Funky Green Dogs hit "Reach For Me" (featuring remixes from Steve Lawler and Richie Santana / Peter Bailey) and delivered a jaw dropping remix of Lee Coombs "Shiver." BBC Radio One's Pete Tong has already labeled the track one of 2005's finest.

Last October, Star 69 Records released Oscar G's long awaited new mix compilation, Made In Miami. Look no further than the title of this CD to understand what Oscar G. is all about. He was born and bred in Miami; he is one of the architects of much talked about "Miami sound."

BeatFactor: You won "Best Dj" and "Best Producer" award at the first annual Dj Music Awards at Nikki Beach in Miami. What does this mean to you? Have this had a major influence on your career?

Oscar G: It was an honor for me to be recognized in my hometown. I've always been very proud of my Miami roots so it is always important to me to stay relevant at home. As far as influencing my career, I guess it looks good on my bio...lol! I am always very appreciative of any acknowledgement I receive, whether it is awards or just people complimenting me after a good night.

BF: Tell us something about your sound. If I would be a record, what will I be wearing to win a place in your box?

Drums are a must... and a dirty bassline is also necessary. But overall I just look for tunes that I think can help me put together a journey.
OG: Drums are a must...and a dirty bassline is also necessary...but overall I just look for tunes that I think can help me put together a journey. There are many different moods I like to visit throughout a set so there is a lot of stuff I'm in to.

BF: Computer vs. vinyl? Is Ableton Live helpful for a Dj? Do you use it?

OG: I use Cds mostly...I find the Pioneer CDJs are great and most clubs around the world already are equipped with them...I just recently got Ableton Live and have been messing with it...It seems pretty cool and I am always open to anything that will give me more options creatively.

BF: You've played both in Ibiza and Miami. How much different would you say are the parties in Ibiza to the ones in Miami?

OG: Ibiza is seasonal so it is very intense...You have a ton of people from all over the world coming strictly to party for a few months so the energy is unreal...I have been going since 1993 and I still love it... Miami is my home so I will always be bias towards it...We have great weather all year round and there is a certain energy that is very unique...there is no place like home!

BF: Made in Miami is your latest double mix album released on Star 69 Records. Can you tell us a bit about the compiling process and purpose of each CD?

OG: I was lucky to get a bunch of great unreleased stuff from several producer friends...It was hard narrowing it down to just two Cds...My goal with this album was to create something you could listen to for a long time to come...I tried to steer clear of more obvious stuff and just stuck to tracks I really like to listen to myself...The first CD is very much how I begin most of my sets, it is more chugging and funky with plenty of tribal elements and big basslines...The second CD is a bit more in your face with more acid and tech influenced stuff that I like to play as well once the party is peaking.

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January 27, 2006 at 11:16 AM CET


Vlad Vancia

BF: How do you comment last year's Dj Mag Top100 results?

OG: DJ polls are a weird thing...anytime you rate artists its kind of silly...I appreciate the support I get and the votes but I don't let a ranking influence what I do...I love to do this, that's the bottom line.

BF: Together with Ralph Falcon you record under the Murk alias and you have two labels running, Murk Records and Murk Classics. What releases are you planning launch for the next months?

OG: We have been working on a bunch of new original material. We will be releasing s ome new bits in the next few months. We also have several new mixes in the works of our older stuff. It should be a fun year for us music-wise.

BF: What further projects is Murk working on at the moment?

OG: We started a weekly party a month ago called MADE IN MIAMI which is at Mansion in Miami Beach on Sunday nights. The response has been incredible. It is the first time Ralph and I play together at home so it has been really fun...It is also the first time I do a weekly at home in over a year...The attendance has been WAY beyond our expectations, we feel very lucky.

BF: What do you think about the East and Central Europe clubbing scene? Are you planning to have more gigs in these areas soon?

OG: I will be in Europe again in May of this year...Europe is a different world when it comes to dance music. It just seems to be more legitimate over there. There is a certain reverence for Djs and dance music that you don't see in the States...It is always refreshing to go over there.

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