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Paul Smith aka Smithmonger started his musical career playing the trumpet after he moved to Sydney from his native island, Tasmania. Years of playing in bands eventually resulted in a lucky string of high paying gigs which financed his switch to dance music in 1998.

Soon after that he moves to London to pursue his course of becoming an accomplished DJ, producer and engineer. More then five years of hard working and churning out tunes from his studio in South London and Paul made his entry into the breaks elite. He has turned heads with past releases on wicked labels such as Loaded, TCR, 10Kilo, Hooj Choons, and Bushwakka's Oblong.

Last year started off with a massive Breaks release on Boombox in January called 'Hey'. It was caned by the likes of Lee Coombs and Atomic Hooligan. This was followed by a stormer on 10kilo called 'Seen it all Before' which went in with a bullet at No. 1 in DJ Mag's Breaks chart and No. 18 on the UK Cool Cuts Chart. Oblong released 'Get it Oun' in May to huge reactions (Number 3 in Carl Cox's June chart) and Paul has just signed another Tech-House project to Visitor in Belgium. Ministry of Sound released a wicked breaks 12'' in August (No 6 in the breaks chart) and Paul has come on board with Fingerlickin' Records and Signed a 12'' for their new imprint 'VA Breaks'. Called 'Buxom', this debuted at number 7 in the breaks chart.

Now a regular TCR DJ, Smithmonger is enjoying the calm before the storm as upcoming events outline a crazy year ahead.

If a track doesnt have what I'm after I dont usually remix it
Beat Factor: Hi Paul, what have you been up to today?

Smithmonger: I'm waiting for the carpet men. No its not a metaphore. I'm really having new carpets installed in the flat today.

BF: Can you explain the name 'Smithmonger' to us all?

S: I was pissed. In retrospect - probably skills I picked up when I lived in Dublin.

BF: With an increasingly hectic DJ schedule , what has been your favorite DJ moment so far?

S: Budapest last weekend - 2 wicked gigs - one on a boat on the Danube.......lovely
BF: You have also been busy on the remixing front with remixes this year for PMT and Vlad Ardisson among others, how does tackling a remix differ from that of an original production?

S: Hopefully you have all the hooks given to you with a remix....thats the difference. Its just a matter of beats and build-ups after that. If a track doesnt have what I'm after I dont usually remix it. PMT's afro lavalamp was an exception - there wasnt much to remix in the first place due to the minimal original.

BF: We have seen releases from yourself via labels like the now defunct Hooj, Tunes, Oblong and VA Breaks, what has been your favorite release thus far?

S: They are all my favorite. I always like the last thing I did the best. Buxom is way up there though.

BF: Is there anyone out there you would like to collaborate with, or are there any collaborations on the cards in the future?

S: I'd definitely like to work with some vocalists. as far as producers go – me and Dan F have been toying with the idea...

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Smithmonger Interview

August 6, 2005 at 4:53 PM CEST


Paul Prior

BF: What is your opinion on Digital releases?

S: Downloads? oh well. times are changing....we must adapt.

BF: Do you have any aspiration towards creating your own record label?

S: Not really although it doesnt appear that labels have the revenue to develop artists anymore....I'm not sure really. Perhaps I should......

BF: What advice would you give up and coming producers?

S: As far as the biz goes - look up from the studio once a week. Make some calls and start djing if you dont already. In the studio, buy the best speakers you can afford and the fastest computer. This is all you need...... Don't stuff around with outboard until you get a foot hold.

BF: What can we expect from 'Smithmonger' in the future?

S: I've just been turfed out of my flat so I have to move out of my studio space due to a massive rent increase. its been very stressful so my next project will be very angry and dark and probably on Supercharged. Just in time for winter ea!

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