Tony Thomas never gives up

With well over 200 productions to his name and countless remixes on many major labels, Tony Thomas is a well established artist in the dance music scene, being one of the main purveyors of tribal, tech and electro house music.

He runs 3 labels, one jointly with tribal partner Mastik Soul known as Moxi Records, plus his long standing New Era label and a new label project called Cubic Records.

Paul Prior: Hi Tony, thanks for joining me. With over 200 releases to your name, the first question on everyone's lips is where do you find the time?

Tony Thomas: I work very fast!

I make tunes in a pretty random and haphazard fashion and work intuitively, dependant on mood.
P.P.: You are known for productions that cross boundaries and break between genres, where do you draw your influences from?

T.T.: Everywhere. I make tunes in a pretty random and haphazard fashion and work intuitively, dependant on mood etc.

P.P.: You currently collaborate with Alan Barrett (as the Producers) and Dj Hal (as Red Moon), what do you get out of collaborating that you don't get when producing solo? Are there any other collaborations we can look forward to in the pipeline? I get to nick all their ideas of course !!

T.T.: There will be more tunes from Red Moon and The Producers coming soon. Also I have a 4 track ep of collaborations coming out on my label CUBIC this summer.

P.P.: Do you have a particular production or remix that is special for you?

T.T.: Too many, but no particular one.

P.P.: You currently run three record labels: Moxi, New Era and Cubic, obviously you don't sleep but could you tell me the focus behind each?

T.T.: Moxi is just tunes by me and Mastik Soul, purely tribal in sound. New Era is my old label that is tech house, and Cubic is a variety of house styles with the emphasis on intensity and quality production.

P.P.: What is your view on the "Digital Revolution"?

T.T.: There is no revolution that I can see, just a natural evolution of technology! I love it. Hopefully the internet will lead to better communications between people therefore leading to a more peaceful future for us all. It seems to be doing that now, and I hope it continues.

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Tony Thomas never gives up

June 14, 2005 at 11:11 PM CEST


Paul Prior

P.P.: With an increasingly hectic DJ schedule that has seen you touch upon most continents in the world, do you have a particular place you like to play?

T.T.: My favourite is Bulgaria without a doubt. They love to party more than any other people I have ever encountered.

P.P.: Will we be seeing a new Tony Thomas mix compilation any time in the future?

T.T.: I have my first mix release coming out this summer. It's called "Una Opcion".

P.P.: Given that most of your time is spent following a musical vocation, what do you do in your spare time?

T.T.: Family. Bonsai. Painting. Photography. Meditation.

P.P.: What does the future hold for Tony Thomas?

T.T.: Music and fun until I die, and hopefully beyond that too !!!

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