Pole Folder - desperately positive sad soul.

Pole Folder is a true musician, having played the trumpet and guitar since the age of 5, before learning the art of composition and performing in a symphony orchestra. After playing in rock bands, writing songs & touring in his native Belgium, Pole Folder discovered electronic dance music and the sounds of John Digweed & Sasha.

His first release 'Apollo Vibe' debuted on Bedrock Records in 2001. It was a track conceived around space echoes and a strange collaboration of sounds which was immediately included on John Digweed's Global Underground 019 : Los Angeles. Since then Pole Folder has followed up with 'Enter the Rhythm', 'Waxxx' and 'Dust' subsequently included on John's MMII album.

I think that the whole business of music promotion is a battlefield. You have to fight everyday against laziness and prejudices of the music business.
Beat Factor: Are you just a musician or do you do anything else?

Pole Folder: To live and make music are my only occupations.

BF: When have you first been approached to electronic music?

PF: When I was 15 I first discovered the Yamaha DX 7 synthesizer. It was an amazing surprise for me.

BF: Have you encountered difficulties or bad experiences while promoting your music?

PF: I think that the whole business of music promotion is a battlefield. You have to fight everyday against laziness and prejudices of the music business. The only weapons are carrying the faith in one's self, a strong unwavering commitment, and the feedback from the crowd.

BF: The Album, Zero Gold; how did it all started?

PF: I spoke about an album project that I had in mind with Bedrock and John Digweed 4 years ago. After I showed them some initial ideas, they decided to sign it.

BF: What inspired you when creating the tracks and what influences does the album include?

PF: Certainly my own life experiences were the basis of the inspiration. I tried to use album all my favorite sounds and influences as I was not restricted by club singles "rules". All my musical backgrounds: classical, rock and electronic all played a big part in the production process.

BF: What significance does the name 'Zero Gold' has for you?

PF: Zero Gold is the translation of a human state of mind. The fact that fears motivates us to make choices more than our own desires.

BF: Which track from the album describes best your personality and why?
I think there is a part of my personality on each tracks.

BF: Your debut album was also the first artist album ever released on Bedrock. Looking to the label's background, it sounds quite different to their music profile and in the same time it is also diversifying their catalogue. Do you think Zero Gold will remain as a reference point in the Bedrock's catalogue in 5 years or more?

PF: Well I hope so. To be honest I tried to work on that direction. Zero Gold is leaving the boundaries of dance albums to explore more timeless ambiences and musical atmospheres. So I really hope he will not disappear too fast from the memories and leave a lasting impression.

BF: What studio set-up did you use when you created the album?

PF: I have a G4 with Cubase. Some plug-ins. 2 Tascam digital mixing desks and a bunch of hardware synthesizers and FX.

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Pole Folder - desperately positive sad soul.

June 5, 2005 at 8:00 PM CEST


Andrei Rusu

BF: When you play live what kind of hardware do you usually use?

PF: The Roland V-Synth and the Korg Triton + 4 Pioneer CDJ 1000 MK2. For the mixer I'm using the Pioneer DJM 909.

BF: Is there any club that has been like a home to you in all these years being an artist?

PF: I found a lot of inspirations @ La Rocca, a club near Antwerpen and also in the Bedrock parties @ Heaven.

BF: Are there any special events to happen for you in the near future that you wish to share with us?

PF: I'm going to play Live @ Coloursfest Scotland on 4 June and @ City Parade Belgium on 25 June, an event with more than 30.000 people.

BF: What do you prefer: movies or theater?

PF: Movies maybe, I'm addicted to movie scores. But I like theater too.

BF: Who/what is your worst enemy?

PF: Probably the non-professional people who are working in the music business. Those kind of people succeed sometimes to destroy amazing talents. I think it's a terrible responsibility to kill a passion.

BF: Sum up in 4 words the man Pole Folder.

PF: Desperately positive sad soul.

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