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From his early years of DJing at Bedrock nights in his home town of Hastings, to the 10+ hour sets in New York at the legendary Arc, Danny Howells is one of those few DJs who stand out in the world of dance music today. His unique, eclectic sound is described as "deepsexyfuturistictechfunkhouse" and it's this sound which is shaking floors all over Europe, North and South America, Asia and Australia. It's not just in the club where Danny has made a name for himself, he's also been busy in the studio. He was the first DJ to introduce the 24/7 series for Global Underground and mixes for Renaissance and his own Nocturnal Frequencies series have been the highlights in a continually growing back catalogue of acclaimed mixes. Recently he compiled the 27th release for the GU series, entitled GU #027: Miami, which was launched, as the name implies at Winter Music Conference, in March 2005.

BeatFactor: What was your initial reaction when you found out you have been picked to mix the next GU release?

Danny Howells: Very flattered to be honest. It's always been a small roster of DJs on the series so to have been considered worthy of inclusion means a lot.

BF: Tell us about the album... What's the story behind it?

DH: I do an annual Howelloween party in Miami, at Space, playing an indoor as well as a terrace set. The cd is based on those two sets, the first disc representing what I played on the terrace.

BF: What about your older GU releases in conjunction to this new one?

DH: When you release a cd, it's not like you see an immediate change to your career. It's more of a long term change, when you realise later down the line that you're known in a country where you've never visited, thanks mainly to cd releases. My Nu-Breed and 24/7 albums have both helped me no end.

BF: How did the Conference this year go for you? Which were the most unexpected incident and the most unpleasant occurrence?

DH: No strange or unexpected things happened to me really this year. I was playing all the time and what I saw was fantastic. I was really happy with how the whole thing went, and I was extremely happy with how the 4th BED party went.

BF: Which would you say was the track of the WMC this year?

DH: No idea!

BF: You have been DJing for almost 15 years now. How would you say your style has progressed to the ages into what it is now?

DH: Hopefully it has changed constantly throughout those 15 years, and I hope it never stops. I don't think staying in the same place for too long is very healthy to be honest.

BF: Now that the album is released, what's next in line? Maybe some new original productions?

DH: That's the general idea, although I still have quite a few months of touring left yet! Hopefully after the summer myself and Dick can get back on it properly.

BF: When did you give up your day-job and started dj-ing for a living?

DH: Just before my Nu-Breed album came out. I tried to hold on to my day job as a nurse for as long as possible, but it just got to the stage when I had to choose one or the other.

BF: What is the dumbest thing you have heard about you?

DH: I've been hearing dumb things about myself since I was a kid, so I've learned to forget them all!

BF: In the recent years you have been a regular guest at the best clubs in Romania and you'll be playing again here in May... Do you think the local club scene here has been progressing through these years?

DH: Well, it's seems the crowds are always very educated and always very receptive so I'd say it definitely looks like it's going the right way!

BF: Has anybody throw things at you during your set?

DH: Probably - I'd throw things at myself if I could.

BF: The summer time for you is....?

DH: .. flight connections!

BF: At the end, have you ever had the chance to visit beatfactor.net? Do you have any last thoughts you want to tell our readers?

DH: I'm not on the internet much, but I'l go and have a look now. My message to everyone is hello and and keep it flex.

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Danny Howells Interview

May 18, 2005 at 2:07 PM CEST


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