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After winning the Muzik Magazine's Bedroom Bedlam competition back in 1998, Steve Gerrard's career has gone from strength to strength. He developed trough all this years a unique sound - deep, progressive house mixed with breakbeat and a hint of trance. Last year he made his debut mix CD called "Thinking Out Loud" released on Nascent Recordings and since then he's constantly touring the world to promote it. Recently he visited Romania with his girlfriend and we had the chance to speak with him a bit, while he was on the airport in Bucharest. Read the full story to find out what he had to say.

Beat Factor: How was your visit in Romania? Is your first time being here?
Steve Gerrard: Yes, I was just coming with my girlfriend this year, she was here working so I was here to visit her for a few days. It was a good time, very interesting, now I'm back at the airport.

BF: How did you get involved with dance music? Is there any particular aspect that made you choose this?

S.G.: I think the first time I heard the first Renaissance album with Sasha & Digweed dance music made a lot more sense to me, than the stuff id been hearing on the radio and then I started listening to more dj mixes by people like Sasha and these people and then my love for dance music grew and grew.
And then I started djing maybe 3 years later

BF: Who made an impression for you at Winter Music Conference this year?

S.G.: A lot of djs made an impression, it was a great conference, I had a good time, I think my favorite parties were Danny Howells party and Steve Lawler party, they were the best. There was a lot of new djs that were as strong, a lot of up&coming djs

BF: And what was the best party you've played at?

S.G.: The Proton party was definitely the best! It was very busy and really good crowd and all the other djs that were brought in were good. It was a lot of fun!

BF: Last year you compiled a really good mix CD, called Thinking Out Loud. How was the experience of putting that mix together?

S.G.: Yes I did. It was fantastic; it was something I wanted to do for a long time. And I'm really quite glad about the opportunity to get the Cdr released and very well received. So, it's been a very good opportunity, I mixed it completely live as well rather than using computers and everything like that, and it enables me to meet more touring and more djing so it felt good and very happy with it. So I'm looking forward to do the next one, whenever that is.

BF: What studio projects are you working on right now?

S.G.: I haven't been in the studio for a while, but hopefully I'll be back in the studio in May working on some brand new tracks and maybe some remixes, we'll have to see, but it's been almost an year since I was in the studio last cause I've been so busy with the album and touring and stuff like that. I'm gonna get back in May but I still got quite a lot of gigs coming up around the world, so it depends on how much time I can find.

BF: What do you plan for this summer?

S.G.: More and more touring and hopefully I'll be going to some places I've never been before like Japan and Brazil so I'm looking forward to those places cause I heard good things and it's always nice to go to places you haven't been and like I say, getting back to the studio and getting some records out. So that's probably my plans, not just for the summer but for the rest of the year.

BF: What tunes have been doing the damage for you lately?

S.G.: Tunes? Oh. All kind of things, there's a lot of music coming through. Matthew Dekay's tracks are really, really good, people like Ula Walkie from Boston. But there's a lot of new good producers coming through from places like Greece and Turkey and these places. There's a lot of new exciting music out there.

BF: Do you recall the last strange thing that happened to you during your performance?

S.G.: One time I was playing in America and halfway though my set they had a fashion show, and everybody was cleared off the dance floor, I knew nothing about this at all, I just had to carry on djing, that was really strange! But yeah it's always interesting when the people who make the records turn up at the club as well and you don't know they are going to be there and you play there record and they come up and there really pleased... One time Mike from Hybrid came up and gave me a big kiss in front of everybody because I was playing a Hybrid tune, stuff like that is always good fun

BF: Without any modesty do you consider yourself an experienced artist?

S.G.: Umm... yeah I think I'm pretty experienced, I'm quite happy with the way I'm djing at the moment, I think I've found my own sound now, a lot of people when they hear one of my sets they know it's me now, that's a good thing. I stick to what I like, I don't try and follow change or anything like that particularly, I just play the music I love, if that's house or breaks or something in between, as long as it's good music I'll play it. A lot of people are moving onto electro and these kind of things, I like a lot of electro music but for me I love my progressive, house and breaks , I think I've found a place for myself in the dj world which is good,

Hopefully next time I'm be back in Romania I'll have my records, I haven't played there yet, I'm in Bucharest airport at the moment, so maybe next time I come back will be to play a gig,

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BF talks to Steve Gerrard

May 9, 2005 at 12:20 AM CEST


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