Interview - Chris Fortier in Balance

Chris Fortier is no doubt one of the most experienced and gifted Dj's that dance music has ever produced. Holding an impressive repertoire of singles and remixes under his belt and releasing music trough his own record labels, Fade and the recently set-up FDS Recordings, Chris has also contributed defining the Bedrock Sound contributing with his Compiled & Mixed compilation and last year has praised our ears with the Audio Tour CD for his Fade label. Now he returns to the compilation series and this time he will release the 7th Balance episode, Balance 007, for the Australian label EQ Grey.

Find out what is that all about and what Chris Fortier is up to this year in our latest interview...

BeatFactor: Hello Chris and how is the start of 2005 find you?

Chris Fortier: So far so good. I just did a weekend of gigs in Argentina the first weekend of January and it was amazing. If the rest of the year can be this good, I will be very, very happy. Now I am off for a couple months from DJing to work exclusively in the studio on new music.

On your website you have stated that you just finished the new mix compilation for the Balance series, Balance 007. You must be very excited as you said you have gone 'in the most adventurous directions musically possible'. But what that may involve and when can we hear it?

Yes, it is finished. It really took a long while to create the mix and take it somewhere new. I have moved far away from typical sounds and I really tried very hard to push this mix into the newest territories I could. With new artists and old, but also from a listening point too. All I can say is that is different. Different to what outsiders would expect, but probably not to those who have been listening to me play since I started out. It is hard for me to be objective now though since I am so close to it. All I can ask is that people who listen to it, go in with open minds and ears.

Looking back to 2004... How was it all for you? Did you succeed in achieving all the goals that you had in mind for this year?

This was really good. I had some great achievements, but we also had some disappointments. Some of the goals were not quite reached, but we learn from the miss-cues and try to do better next time. It wouldn't be good if you always achieve everything so easily anyway. I am always trying to improve myself and everything around me. So we reset and start working hard in 2005 for the simple goal of getting better then we were the previous year. Moving further then have before.

What about 2005... What are your main targets and aspirations?

Obviously, the most important project this year is the Balance 007 CD tour. The album coming out and then touring the world showcasing it to clubs and crowds. Also, being in the studio the next couple months, I am planning to have much more music output then 2004. Last year, I put a ton of work into my record labels and they are on very solid ground now. As well as, working on Steve Porter's artist career too (I manage his artist affairs), that has been very busy as well. Now it is time to get back to work on music of my own.

What keeps you busy at this moment?

I am extremely busy in the studio now working on tracks. I am finishing a handful of remixes now for different labels. As well as I have a few new original productions I am tightening up too. I am hard at work trying to get as much done before the tour starts in March.

Last year you toured almost all around the world. What are the most memorable gigs you have had, the most exquisite places you have visited?

I think South America is the most amazing place. I had some of the best gigs there, namely Argentina. I played in numerous cities there. Mar del Plata, Rosario and Buenos Aires, and every single one was incredible. I love Mexico too. But I enjoy many different cities for different reasons. I had many, many great gigs all year and it always comes back to the crowds.

As a label owner, running both Fade and FDS Recordings labels, do you think the dance music is progressing or is stagnated? Is it on a high note right now that is starting to go down or is simply just getting better everyday with all the new productions and artists emerging?

Well I don't think we have reached any high note lately. There have been some great records coming out, but there still are loads and loads of mediocre ones too. Too much of them actually. With technology bringing new aspiring producers from their bedrooms easier then before, the downside is that too many of these people are trying to get their music out before they are probably ready. Years ago when you only had a record labels to release music, there was a bit of a filter. But now with the internet and other factors, producers are just slapping tracks together and this eventually has a diluting affect. I do think however, electronic music is moving toward an exciting chapter in that there are many, many djs not settling for it and are looking for more. There is a lot of new fusion of sounds going on. More then ever before.

What new artists, djs or producers do you think they will make an impact during 2005?

I always say Steve Porter. His new artist album is out this year and he will definitely be taken notice of at all levels of the scene.

What is your top 5 at the moment?

L & P – Got That Sound (Remix)
Teleport – Landing Spot
Downswing Boogie – Doctor Doctor
Tim Wright – Oxygen (Abe Duque Remix)
Buick Project – Drop The Beat

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Interview - Chris Fortier in Balance

January 17, 2005 at 12:58 AM CET


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