Chus & Ceballos Interview

Chus and Ceballos are succesful Spanish production and Dj-ing duo. Dj Chus was chosen by prestigious DJ Magazine as Best House DJ in 2001 and Best House top production in 2002 with the track "That Feeling" and is the producer and co-owner (together with Chus and Carlos Calico) of Stereo Productions Spain, meanwhile Pablo Ceballos represents a wide knowledge on how to produce with good taste. The two of them are representing the true Iberican Sound.

Stereo was founded in July' 99 when Chus decided to change the place and the activity, moving to Madrid and with Pablo Ceballos Stereo Productions was formed as a company, which his principal aim was the musical productions. During this early phase important productions such as 'Voices of Savannah' from The Latin Lovers (Boo records UK), 'Sunshine' from Dj Chus & David Penn (Black Vinyl records UK), "So Good" de Groove Foundation (Beat Freak recordings Spain) and 'Free my soul' from Dj Chus vs. Oscar de Rivera (Uncle P music / Siesta USA) born in 'Stereo Productions'.

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Chus & Ceballos Interview

BeatFactor: Hello and thank you for accepting to tell us a few words. How are you guys, pretty busy for thew moment? What Stereo done lately?

Chus & Ceballos: Full of projects as usual, very good new releases in all our labels like our new orginal 'Low frequencies' and new compilations like the last 'This is Iberican Sound vol 3' mixed by Chus & Ceballos, 'Balerica' a very good cd of fresh Balearic house unmixed compiled by Chus & Penn, and a new one call 'Madrid Underground' a compilation unmixed with the best Underground tracks made in our country... The best way to be updated is visiting our website

You have four labels working at! How do you manage it?

We receive very good music from all around the world every day so we had to make 4 labels to put out that quantity of good music of different styles. 'Stereo productions' is the label for the main projects, 'Iberican recordings' is more iberican sound, more tribal, 'Stereo Cool' is more deep & housy, and 'Solar recordings' is more electronic, more vanguardist, no tribal

You are established in Madrid, Spain, but you have contacts worldwide. Can we speak about a clubbing culture in Europe?

Maybe is not the best moment for the old Europe, there was a saturation of parties and djs last years and lately the people was a bit tired, but the things are now going better, the house music has this cycles. The new eastern Europe is different, the house music is younger and many people is discovering it, so is incredible to play in these countries like Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Polonia etc.. Because the people are so receptive, we love it...

"How do you feel in stereo?" says one of your greatest tracks. What about you? How do you feel working in Stereo? Did you have troubles promoting your sound, during all these years since Stereo born?

We feel very proud because the fame of Stereo has grown so fast, it were doing well since the begining with the first releases, supported by all the top djs, but there were to much work before stereo was born, many years of experience making music and djing, it not was a question of lucky it was a question of work.

What about your music, do you have any future releases planned? Any new projects for the upcoming months?

There is a new original called 'Low frequencies' with remixes of D-Formation, and a follow up part 2 with remixes of Victor Calderone & Tom Stephan in our label Stereo Productions, several new Chus & Ceballos remixes: Superchumbo feat Celeda 'DyrtyFylthy, Astrid Suryanto 'More & more', Litle green man 'throught with you' and many more, a new album cd of Chus & Ceballos remixes at the end of the year and many many things more that we'll tell you in the near future...

"Iberican sound vol.3" is Chus & Ceballos latest compilation, a very appreciated cd not only here in Spain, but also in the world. How came the idea of a specific iberican sound?

We were looking for a name to describe the new sound that was borning in Spain & Portugal the original sound that thought 'iberican sound' like the Iberican peninsula were Spain & Portugal are.

You have played in various clubs worldwide. It is any particular dj or artist who impressed and influenced you in your musical career?

Maybe the Maestro Danny Tenaglia and his way of drive and move to the people

What makes, in your opinion, the difference between an average and a good dj?

A good dj has a good taste in the music selection, a good technic, and the experience is so important in this difficult job. A good dj look at the dancefloor and connect with the people try to tell a story going up and down, is a communication with the crowd using your music, is energy and soul...

Many tracks are released every week. Some of them are up for many months, even seasons, but some of them dissappear in less than two months, when nobody remember and plays them. What a track should contain for breaking through the industry and resisting for much time?

There are no rules but the most important things we think that is to make music with soul, that tell you something, is very important to be original looking for new sounds, new beats, this is the spirit of the dance music.

I suppose you have a busy schedule... Any new trip planned for Romania in the next months?

We have received some proposal for the next year and soon will be confirmed. We have played many times in different clubs in Romania and love it, the crowd is one of the best

What was the best club that impressed you guys and where you have played?

There are very good clubs and parties all around the world were we love to play like Zouk in Singapore, Stereo in Montreal, Boa Redux in Toronto, Pacha Ibiza, Vespas in Portugal, Decadance in Greece, La Mania & Kristal in Romania, Womb in Tokio, and a long list of clubs in USA, UK, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, France, Sweden, Finland, , Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia, Lituania, Estonia, Bulgary, Rusia, Turquey, Israel, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Indonesia, Australia...

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Chus & Ceballos Interview

October 10, 2004 at 1:34 PM CEST


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