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Smight is Herbert Berkley, the DJ and producer from Houston, Texas, an odd ball kind of fellow who likes to write beats and make people think, using cross general products with styles ranging from breaks to house, to melodic progressive works. With a style of blending dark with melodic, Smight has come from the ranks of a local following as a DJ to a world-class producer. Married with two wonderful children he assumes the role of a modest leader in the world of music and entertainment. He started DJ'ing in 96 and since has presented music to people in Austin, Dallas, Mcallen, Rio Grande City, and Mexico. He is the founder of Cure Recordings, a label that promotes, besides quality music and talented artists, a greater cause other than just music, in this case Cancer and AIDS research. Read more about Smight and music, what's going on at the newly set up digital downloads store, EDM Digital, and other juicy stuff in our latest exclusive interview...

First, who is Smight? When did he first start DJ-ing?

Smight is an odd ball kind of fellow who likes to write beats and make people think. I started dj'ing in 96 or so and have been addicted to it since then.

What do you enjoy playing when you're behind the decks? How would you describe your sets?

I enjoy playing odd things that don't really quite make sense just yet, but that people can really open up to and enjoy.

Your first release was "Your Happy Place / Rebuilding 12" on Fade. What's your association with Chris Fortier and his label?

I am one of his artists, and we are both good friends.. He's the personal primarily responsible for getting me into this strange and sometimes unusual world we call the underground dance music industry..

What does your newly set up label, Cure Recordings, aim to promote?

Good music, talented artists, and a forward thinking approach to giving back to a greater cause other than just music, in this case Cancer and AIDS research.

Tell us about your latest track, "Queues Suck". What you want it to be and why that name?

I think queues suck started down in Miami when I had to stand in line at Nerve to get into see Digweed... It was purely a smarty pants sort of name that infers the lines, or lack there of, at Nerve really do suck...

EDM Digital is going quite good lately and it is growing bigger and bigger. How it all started?

Basically it started as an idea to support artists outside of the usual vinyl platform and allow for things that might not be released on vinyl to get released, as well to support good music and a decent return on artists investment in there art.

What plans do you have for the future of EDM?

We have lots of plans, but mostly now EDM is directed by Joshua Wadell, Eric Reeves, Luke Kalish, Dave Preston, Brett Abramson, and Damon Fonooni. It's a joint effort basically we all work towards the goal of making EDM the best it can be for the patrons as well as the labels and artists we are affiliated with. Plans for the future are still being shaped, but it's going to be really cool.

What do you think about the influence of Internet and downloading on dance music industry?

I think the internet is an amazing tool for those who choose to use it correctly. It has it's good sides and it's bad sides, but I feel that the good can shine through as long as we educate people about what happens when you are not a good steward of the things you are given.

How was WMC for you this year? What artists/DJs have you been impressed of?

WMC was great, I got to see Digweed at Nerve and a few other great parties. It was an awesome time, Randall Jones, Jon Lisle, and Digweed all impressed me quite a bit. Great stuff...

What other Houston based and International artists/DJs would you recommend?

Asif Amhed, a beatfactor resident I believe, Craig Richards, Hernan Catteano, Paolo Mojo, Lee Burridge, just to name a few that Im really fond of...

What's your main focus right now regarding the music production? Any new tracks, remixes, collaborations on the pipeline?

I'm working on perfecting my trade at the moment, along with helping other up and coming artists get where they need to be. I take great pride in helping others with even the little things. As for collaborations I have things done with Blue Room Project, Derek Howell and a few other remotely top secret ventures... Should be a great year after this one..

Getting ready for the summer. Where will you play in the coming months?

I have gigs in Ohio coming up in the summer and since I've started working full time again not much planned after that. My time has been spread a bit to thin...

What's hot in your record box right now?

Anything from Derek Howell, Peter Martin, and Randall Jones... Emotional stuff...

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DJ/Producer Smight chats to BeatFactor

May 3, 2004 at 10:22 PM CEST


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