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Being a DJ for over a decade, Tyler Stadius, a.k.a. T-Bone was one of the first DJ's to introduce house music to Vancouver, spinning at all the warehouse parties and raves. He was also throwing parties in an old Jamaican restaurant, bringing together styles like reggae, hip-hop, house and jazz. In 1992, Tyler started "Romper Room", his first residency.

Later on to the most recent past, together with his partner, Luke McKeehan, he releases two outstanding compilations, the much acclaimed 'Nordic Trax' and opens "Bassix" in Vancouver, soon recognized as one of the best record shops in Canada. Also, they are responsible for Sonar, the first club in Vancouver dedicated strictly to dance music. In 2002, T-Bone was asked by Fabric to become a resident and to mix their Fabric 6 compilation and he's name became soon after that international.

He gives us some hints about his musical career, his DJ-ing life, upcoming productions and more. Check out was Mr. T-Bone has to say...

You've been in the music business and have been DJing for years and year... How does it feel to have so much experience?

Well it's really never ending. There is so much great music out there. I love it and it really keeps me interested.

If you'd have to portray your mixing style, what would it be an accurate?


When I think of Tyler Stadius/T-Bone, the name 'Fabric' suddenly pups in my head. What the 'Fabric' experience mean to you? Had the mix CD you did for them any special impact on your career?

Being asked to become a resident and do a Cd for Fabric is a real honor; love the club and all the people who are involved. It really helped to get my name out there.

What releases do you have in the pipeline?

D-U-B just came out on Deepen Discs. My next release is coming out on Household Recordings, followed by some collaborations with Grant Dell and Daniel Poli.

Besides being a head line DJ in Canada, your work is being also highly respected in the UK, London in particular. How did you manage to break into the UK scene so well?

It was really a word of mouth thing - I played at some great parties and word got around about my sets and it just kept getting better and better.

What fresh Canadian/international talent(s) would you recommend at this moment?

Ali, Jay Tripwire, Vernon, Tyler Lewis

You have your own record store in Vancouver. Ever thought to set up your own label?

Yes, but I don't have the time -as a matter of fact I recently sold my shop to free up time.

What do you like most of the club scene in London?

I love their enthusiasm hehehe... I really feed off the crowd when their really getting into it - making noise & showing they're into it.

What gigs you have lined up for this summer?

Please see my site www.djtbone.com

Have you ever come across to the Romanian club scene? Ever though of playing here?

I know very little about Romania. I love going to new places to play and meeting people. Hopefully not long before I can get to Romania.

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Tyler Stadius Interview online

April 25, 2004 at 10:37 AM CEST


Andrei Rusu

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