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Tom Stephan's transatlantic, twisted sound, seamless blend of deep tribal and funky beats is well documented and his latest compilation 'The Beats Are...' on UK label NRK Records is yet another fact to add on the confirmation list. After moving to London ten years ago to study film, he wanted to recapture the vibe created by Junior Vasquez during his clubbing days at NY's Sound Factory. He released The Revolution under the Superchumbo moniker last year, prompting a flood of remix offers, including Missy Elliot, Kylie and Basement Jaxx.

We recently had the delight of interviewing the man behind the Superchumbo moniker, indicative of his sense of humour. Check out the full article to read about his WMC experience this year, his latest compilation, future producing plans and more...

Hello Tom, what made you chose the Superchumbo moniker?

I was looking for a name that didn't really mean anything and it would come to represent the music. A friend suggested Superchumbo after seeing it at a petrol station in Portugal. It sounded good and it stuck.

You were born in New York, but you have built your musical career mostly across London. How did that happen?

I came to London in 1991 to study for 6 months. I fell in love with the city and extended it to 2 years. By the end of my studies I had started producing music and was offered a record deal. There was no going back...

How the film school you have graduated did influence your career as a dj/producer?
I was always into music, but I didn't have the nerve to choose it as a career. I was in Film School because I thought I needed to learn to do something else. I never thought about being a DJ until I actually starting spinning. Then it took over my life (and my flat...)

Your upcoming compilation release, 'The Beats Are', is a mixture of dark, dirty beats and tribalism. What else can we expect from it? How does it reflect your musical skills?

It's representative of my favourite tracks as well as segments that I play live. It also includes productions and remixes I have done.

You have any original productions / remixes in the pipeline?

Yes- a big one. A full length Superchumbo album of all original material will be out in late summer.

How was your WMC party with Danny Tenaglia? What's your connection with him?

The party was excellent- definitely the highlight of the conference for me. I've been friends with Danny for many years and he has been a big supporter of my music.

You have tow gigs in Romania for April in your agenda. What will you bring for the Romanian crowd?
Dirty filthy grooves.
How was the Romanian public reaction to your set at Club Space, comparatively to other places you've played at?

It was very good. I'm looking forward to coming back to Romania.

How do you think your sound will progress in the next years? Do you consider yourself a fulfilled DJ and artist?

No, I never feel satisfied. I'm always striving for more. Maybe that's what being an artist is.

What was the craziest moment you have experienced as a DJ during your set?

I was playing at an outdoor festival in Oporto and the sun came up in the morning. It was so hot that the sun was melting my records before they were even finished playing! Luckily cds don't melt so fast....

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Tom Stephan Interview

April 1, 2004 at 12:34 PM CEST


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