An Interview with Timo Maas

Nowadays Timo needs little or no Introduction. Self-styled purveyor of 'percussive wet funk', Timo's production style and his Djing are unique, he's a man with a mission, a man sick of the "cheesy shit" that clogs up the clubs and the charts, stifling creativity. In a world of the rent a jock playing almost identical sets fitting into this weeks popular style Timo stands out from the crowd by being simultaneously bullish enough to do his own thing while clever enough to carry it off with such aplomb that it leaves most of us aghast. For those of you who need reminding of the effect he and his partner Martin have had on music think back to what was popular on the dance floors 2 years ago, think to what is popular now, take Timo out of the equation and what are you left with? Not much that's what!

Romanian clubbers should prepare themselves for the 2 nd of April, as Timo 'is gonna maas you'! He'll be playing in Bucharest for the first time. Check out the full exclusive interview with Timo Maas to find out about his upcoming producing and dj-ing plans or what lies behinds the Timo Sound.

Deejayz Area: Hi Timo. How are you?

I`m very good, thanx....

Deejayz Area: When you first realized that dj-ing and producing music is what you want from life?

With the age of 11 or 12 or so....i played the first time on a party with the age of 13....thats a while ago....

Deejayz Area: Can you give us an up to date idea of the 'Timo Sound'? How it started, how it evolved into these stylish grooves, what are your main influences that lead you...?

Well, I love the funk in it, thats basically it....together with my producer and engineer, we created our own sound, without really thinking about it...we just wanted to sound good....

Deejayz Area: Your latest release Music For The Masses 2 includes some outstanding remixes from artist like Kelis, Garbage or Moby. Can you tell us the story and concept behind this massive album?

Well, its Nr.2 in a series....after the big success of MFTM1, we decided to do another one, as we worked for so many different guys in the past couple of years....

Deejayz Area: Also your remix of Tori Amos "Don't make me come to Vegas" has been nominated for a Grammy. Did you expect that to come?

No, never....great thing though, as it was the only remix, we done last year!

Deejayz Area: What do you prepare for the masses now? What can we expect from you in the near future?

More touring all over the label 4:Twenty recordings with even more hot releases, new remixwork and then finally the follow-up to LOUD, the new artist album!

Deejayz Area: What about your DJ life? How things went so far this year?

Great so far...had a fantastic time in Montreal 2 days ago....

Deejayz Area: Which was your favorite event last year you played at?

Too many to mention....but DC10 / Ibiza was crazy again....

Deejayz Area: Next month, you'll be coming to Bucharest. How do you feel about this?

Its gotta be a blast!!!!

Deejayz Area: What do you think of the club scene in Romania?

No idea about it, it`ll be my first time there!

Deejayz Area: Of all the up & coming djs/artists of the moment, who you appreciate most?

Locodice, because he`s the best!!!

Deejayz Area: What is the latest record you bought?

Best of Johnny Cash!

Deejayz Area: I think one of your passions is fast cars. Is that somehow related to your music style?

Not really.... It`s a great feeling though to drive without speedlimit in germany....

Deejayz Area: What are the top five hot records on your box? How do you rate them?

Really, i have much more than 5 hotties in my box, wait until next month!!!

Deejayz Area: Thanks for the time you invested in this interview. Any final words for your fans?

Be prepared, Im gonna maas u!!!!!!!!

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An Interview with Timo Maas

March 2, 2004 at 4:15 PM CET


Andrei Rusu

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