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Managing Fade Records and releasing top tunes from artists such as Steve Porter, Luke Fair, Tone Depth, himself or others and also having his own promotions company, Chris Fortier is one of the busiest Dj / producer in North America, an old school dj in the truest sense of the word. After the release of the critically acclaimed "Bedrock: Compiled and Mixed" compilation in 2002, he's been touring the world and playing in every corner of the globe, including residencies at The Cross in London and Plexi in New York or such exotic places like Dubai, Singapore or Kuala Lumpur. Chris is no longer a name just on the U.S. stage, but on the world stage.

We recently had the chance to ask Mr. Fortier some questions. Read on to find out more about the man behind the Fade name, his plans for the future, how did he got into the dance music scene and more...

Deejayz Area: Hi Chris, thanks for taking a moment to talk to us, how are you?

I am well, thank you. Very busy at the moment, just finished a new album called "Fade Records Presents Audio Tour", coming out in April 2004. Also busy in the studio with original productions and a few remixes. It's been a busy winter.

Deejayz Area: Tell us a bit about yourself. How it all started for you, what was your first contact with the dance music?

I was 18 years old, when I was old enough to enter, and the music blew me. That encounter at Aahz in Orlando set in motion the path I am on for the rest of my life.

Deejayz Area: How can you describe your sets, what genres you play more often when you
're behind the decks?

I play across the board musically. I don't like to play one type of music, as long as it's good music and as long as it fits in the context of my set.

Deejayz Area: You played last summer in Romania, at the Liberty Parade 2003 event. How
was the Romanian public reaction and where do you think the clubbing scene here is heading to?

Yes, I did. That party was great. It was great to see the people on the beach. I've always like Romania, every gig I've done here has been great. Romania has a bright future. I think it's the only beginning there and to think how amazing it is now, in the next years it can only get better.

Deejayz Area: Apart from dj-ing, you also have your own label, Fade Records and a promotions company Balance Promote Group. Can you put together a brief history of each one? How it started, what genres are you promoting, what artists are you working with ..

Basically Balance started as a sincere effort to promote the music in North America. We have 40 DJs in North America that get records from various domestic and international labels - house, progressive, breaks, all forms of underground music. Fade Records started as a way to release my own tracks in the early 90s. There weren't many labels back then as there are now.

Deejayz Area: And as for production, what are your main influences? And what gives you inspiration when doing a tune or a remix?

I like uplifting positive music, that has a warm feel. Those are the kinds of tracks that I like to play and make - an emotional quality to them. Those are the tracks that inspire me.

Deejayz Area: There's less then a month till this year's Winter Music Conference. What is your perspective? Is it going to be the biggest till now with the Ultra Festival joined the WMC?

It's going to good, and each year it gets better and bigger. There's progression every year. Ultra has been doing their festival for the past five years and it's a natural progress being made. It's great to see how these two things are working in cooperation.

Deejayz Area: What was the most unusual place you've been playing at?

The most interesting was Dubai last year. The Middle East is growing - safer for tourists. Clubbing is growing and it's exciting to be part of the scene.

Deejayz Area: Can you tell us about your future plans concerning music production, your career or projects?

The most important is "Fade Presents Audio Tour". I just finished two original tracks and three remixes. Focusing on my studio production is my major priority this year.

Deejayz Area: And finally any words for your fans out there and for the people in Romania waiting for you to play here again?

I thank you all for the great times I've had. I look forward to coming back this year, hopefully in Bucharest City. I look forward to meeting more friends in Romania soon!

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Chris Fortier talks to Deejayz Area

February 11, 2004 at 2:53 PM CET


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