Renaissance The Mix Collection

Sasha and Digweed's 'The Mix Collection' is widely regarded as the one of the best mix albums of all time. On initial release it was the first club based mix album to go Gold. It achieved this via a number of key factors – Sasha & John Digweed, 2 of the world's most famous djs; the added value of 3 x CDs and, of course, the landmark packaging, distinguishing the product, picking up on Renaissance's fast growing reputation for attention to detail and sumptuous décor at their events.

"Releasing this album again, which is the holy grail for us 10 years since the original release, was the ultimate justification for doing it, and working on the project has brought back some fantastic memories. The re-mastering has really brought out the best in an incredible album that still deserves its plaudits as the best (dance) compilation ever. It's a 'must-own' album that we are all still very proud of!" (Geoff Oakes)

October 2004 marks it's 10th anniversary. The album will be released in two formats, a deluxe edition and a very special limited edition, featured artist like Leftfield, Fluke, Grace, Sunscreem, Bedrock, OMD, Lemon Interupt, 2 Bad Mice, Kym Mazelle, EMF, Age Of Love and more.

Renaissance The Mix Collection

September 19, 2004 at 2:54 PM CEST

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