Proton Radio releases its first mix compilation

Lance Cashion has become a leader among DJs in Texas. Now, after over a year of hosting 'The Sound' on Proton Radio, Lance inaugurates the station's mix compilation series with a 2CD release showcasing a repertoire of tracks submitted by various artists to support the radio station. Ranging from the early morning sounds of melodic breaks to the deviously twisted beats of progressive house, the compilation features music from industry veterans like Sultan, PQM, and Momu alongside a dozen fast rising stars like Derek Howell, Micah, and Orchid.

In four years Proton Radio has grown to become the internet broadcasting's gold standard for underground dance music, streaming 24 hours a day 7 days a week. With a steadfast dedication to provide listeners with the absolute highest quality programming and an emphasis on introducing lesser-known talents, Proton has cultivated an audience with thousands of daily listeners from locations around the globe. As a listener supported radio station, all proceeds from 'The Sound' will go towards Proton Radio's operating costs, so those who want to support Proton Radio can guarantee the continuation of the station's broadcast by picking up Lance's mix.

The new Proton mix compilation will be available from Friday 22nd October on and other online music stores.
Disc 1
1. Dan Portch - 'Shoreline'
2. Blue Haze - 'Messy Textures'
3. Relisys - 'Agenda'
4. Orchid - 'Transmission 3001'
5. Relisys - 'With Sexy Results'
6. Medway & John Morgan - 'Toobin' (Rob Curtis Remix)
7. Digital Witchcraft 'Brindavan' (Momu Remix)
8. Derek Howell - 'Western High'

Disc 2
1. Pat Foosheen - 'The Unthinkable'
2. Rob Curtis - 'Twilight'
3. The Sanctuary Moon - 'Don't Touch It'
4. Micah - 'Pale Creatures'
5. Dan Morris & Shylock - 'Badhatu'
6. Rich D - 'Sunrise Girl'
7. Ray & Peter - 'That Moment'
8. Blue Haze - 'NineTen'
9. Astrid - 'Rain' (Soul Tan Mix)
10. PQM Project - 'Aenema' (Noel Sanger Remix)
11. Derek Howell - 'We're Gonna Be Okay'

Proton Radio releases its first mix compilation

October 10, 2004 at 1:10 PM CEST

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