Upload Festival in London, this month

Building on the success of previous festivals programmed by The Loop Collective, UPLOAD is a multi-platform, two-day festival featuring a diverse programme of new projects based from within and around the Loop Collective.

Performances will range from 20 drummers playing on Dalston's Gillett Square, to a club night featuring boundary-pushing African music, to a specially commissioned large ensemble bringing together some of Europe’s most forward thinking improvisers and composers. The festival will extend into the digital universe with performances being instantly made available online at www.loopcollective.org in a variety of mediums.

Friday’s portion of the festival will take place at one of London’s most exciting new venues: The Forge in Camden Town. The lineup will feature a wide variety of music – Tom Challenger’s contemporary brass outfit Brass Mask; a new electro-acoustic duo featuring UK jazz stars Rory Simmons and Jim Hart; and an explosive percussion trio of Dave Smith, John Blease and Ben Bryant.

Saturday’s events, which move over to Dalston, centre around Gillett Square and one of the UK’s most cutting edge venues: The Vortex Jazz Club. In the early afternoon, 20 drummers (and drum kits!) will convene on Gillett Square and perform a one-off piece of music, featuring some of the finest drummers/percussionists in the UK. The Vortex Jazz Club then hosts an evening of cutting edge improvisation and composition; featuring 2 duos (including the collaboration between Seb Rochford and Kit Downes) and culminating with large ensemble Cats Cradle made up of Loop members and some of their closest musical collaborators. At 11pm, the chairs will be cleared and a radical club night will take place featuring the vocal-and-baritone-sax-led trio Snack Family; Senegalese dub/funk group Fofoulah, and DJ organisation Sound-Species.

This year's UPLOAD will bring the immediacy of improvised and composed music - not only to the immediate local community - but also to a broader world-wide audience, through processes such as the streaming, recording and filming of events.

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Upload Festival in London, this month

September 20, 2012 at 9:17 AM CEST

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