John Digweed releases Fabric 20

The next release on the highly acclaimed Fabric CD series comes from a DJ who is one of the trend setters of the dance music. He played in almost every corner of the world, hosts his weekly radio show on Kiss 100 London and he is a producers, promoter and an A&R for his record label Bedrock, which recently celebrated its landmark 50th release. Together with his old partener Sasha, he released some outstanding mix CDs in the past, such as the Renaissance and Northern Exposure series, that have defined a standard for underground dance music compilations.

Fabric is one of the best clubs in the whole world, with its three-room arhitecture and its fantastic sound system that makes records come alive. It was only a matter of time that these two names came across each other, Fabric and Digweed, both of them having something in common: pure music. Regarding the 20th releses of the Fabric series, John Digweed implies: "This CD is a five hour Fabric set, condensed into 74 minutes, and I hope it surprises a few people".

"Fabric 20" is bookended by two records containing them; 16b's kick-free re-work of Pete Moss, and Goldtrix' blissed-out version of Matrix & Danny J. In between, John builds and blends a stunning set, featuring tracks that challenge the preconception of his tastes. Adam Johnson's bass-driven 'Traber' leads into Richard Davis' zany remix of Repair, some classic Rasoul stutterfunk, and Ralph Lawson's disco-tinged take on The Glass. Billy Dalessandro gets heavy and hypnotic; Bobby Peru provides the off-the-wall 'Venom'; Martin Solveig soars; and Freestyleman drags Slam way down deep. Peaking in the perfect matching of Angel Alanis' vicious vocoder and Josh Wink's low-slung Infusion remix, 'Fabric 20' closes out with Michael Mayer firing up Superpitcher's sensual 'Happiness', and Joel Mull's wonderfully weird and wired 'Emico'.


01. Pete Moss - Strive To Live (16B Mix)
02. Adam Johnson - Traber
03. Repair - Forgive & Forget (Richard Davis Mix)
04. DJ Rasoul - True Science
05. The Glass - Won't Bother Me (20:20 Mix)
06. Billy Dalessandro - In The Dark
07. Bobby Peru - Venom
08. Martin Solveig - Rocking Music (Martin Solveig Dub)
09. Slam - Lie To Me (Freestyleman Thirsty Monk Dub)
10. Angel Alanis - Knob Job
11. Infusion - Better World (Josh Wink Mix)
12. Superpitcher - Happiness (Michael Mayer Mix)
13. Joel Mull - Emico
14. Matrix & Danny J - Vertigo (Goldtrix Mix)

The compilation will be availible to Fabric subscribers from January 3rd and in record shops across Europe from January 17th 2005, followed by the US and the rest of the world release in March 2005.

John Digweed releases Fabric 20

December 7, 2004 at 7:06 PM CET

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