January 15th: Online proceeds for the tsunami fund!

The dance music industry is trying the best it can to raise funds for the tsunami disaster that hit asia for the last few weeks and produced such a huge damage. The mp3 download store Audiojelly.com and its fellow stores has iniciated a fund rasing activity on this Saturday, January 15th. Please read bellow and go there and buy your favourite music...

Hello to all fellow online stores,

On the 15th january we will be donating all proceeds that come in through Audiojelly.com to the tsunami earthquake fund.

The internet has played a key role in helping and bringing together many people who have been effected by this unprecedented global tragedy. It would be a wonderful gesture if on this one day, every online store across the world could give up their proceeds to help this cause. This is an ambitious goal, but this could be a significant gesture. There are 365 days of operational business in the year of most online stores. To donate funds from one day is an easy – and small thing to do, yet it could add up to making a huge impact to those in desperate need.

The dance music download industry is in it's infancy, but the proceeds of several stores on january 15th will do a lot of good. If the major music download stores join with us for this gesture, that will obviously be an even greater help. If online stores outside the music industry agree to this, then january 15th could give the tsunami earthquake fund a phenomenal boost.

All donations can remain confidential and we suggest all stores involved should send cheques or make credit card payments directly to the tsunami earthquake fund. details can be found at www.dec.org.uk or through several international sites located on the web.

please circulate this email to any contacts you have, whether they are a small website or a giant like Amazon, and urge them to add their name to those who will be donating their proceeds on January 15th.

many thanks,


January 15th: Online proceeds for the tsunami fund!

January 10, 2005 at 11:28 AM CET

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