Beat Factor V2 is now online!

Since two months ago we (secretly) started to develop the new version of BeatFactor and we wanted to be a (pleasant) surprise for you. The reason why we made this decision is that we felt is about time for a change, with all the other things around us being changed also. So, now that is finally here, we'd like to invite you to enjoy the new look and if you fancy to, tell us what you think. The new BF website implements a club and event photos section, improved layout and flexibility for news, interviews, dj pages, reviews, dj mixes and the updated forum. We asked around some of the dance scene key players and here's what they think about BeatFactor:

"Beatfactor is a great internet resource that is well laid out ands easy to use and that allows international dj's and record labels to reach the Romanian and Eastern European Clubbers" - Nikki @ IMD

"Beatfactor is a great website spreading the positive influences of electronic music in one of the coolest emerging areas of the world" - Chris Fortier

" is an excellent, well designed site for the best cutting edge dance music from across the globe - check it out!" - Chris Sterio

"Of all the available info sites that cover dance music on the web, I always look for the latest news first on Beatfactor. It's one of the best resources for our industry on the net." Ricky @ Audiojelly

"I find a well informed and valuable resource for up to date information on the underground Dance music scene. With a selection of contributors from around the world providing an inside view of their lives and activities, the site provides a nice alternative to the more commercial offering often found on the Web. A balance of 'Big-Name' Dj's & Artists and lesser known names helps to make the site feel very organic and user friendly. Keep up the great work." - Chris Gainer

"It's a great site and I've been checking it out all the time. Nice organized great content and most importantly very often updated. I believe one of Europe's best concerning dance music. I am looking forward to check out the new improved version!" G-Pal

"Beatfactor is clearly a great site for all sorts of news and information. its good to see it coming out of eastern europe as well, which is one of the strongest growing areas for dance music, and a personal favourite place of mine to visit." - Paolo Mojo

Beat Factor V2 is now online!

April 20, 2005 at 12:41 AM CEST

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