Nick Warren creates a Shanghai Surprise!

After his seminal GU024 Rekjavik compilation, Nick Warren stating "This is my last GU compilation", everyone has been surprised with his return to the label for the new episode in the Global Underground compilation series: GU028 – Shanghai. The release is scheduled for July 4th.

This is the 6th release for the GU label by Nick Warren, based on his set in Shanghai on March 12th at at Fenwick The Dock, and this showcases a darker edge to Nick Warren's sound, taking influences from ambient, house, techno and progressive. Disc 1 is a slice of genius, always building and never slowing with Disc 2 just tearing the roof off. Expect music from Holden & Thompson, Way Out West, Lustral and 303 classic Hardfloor - Acperience.

Nick Warren creates a Shanghai Surprise!

April 24, 2005 at 6:40 PM CEST

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