Bostons Homegrown talent: Steve Porter

Something of a child prodigy from a famous father, Boston's homegrown talent Steve Porter made his break through in the music industry about six years ago when he sent some music to Chris Fortier. Support quickly followed from so many of Steve's DJ heroes.

Steve has now made a huge mark with his techno edged house productions. His studio work was only one facet of Steve's two prong attack. His DJing is where he really rocks the funky beats. 2003 was another banner year for the boy wonder with his big time single "Definite Form" and his now classic remix of Amber's "Anyway". Adding to that his underground side projects Agent 001, HDF & Bons and his looming artist album, his music sees huge support across the spectrum of DJs from Sasha & John Digweed to Carl Cox to Mark Farina and Derek Carter.

INTERVIEW: Steve Porter - Boston's homegrown talent

Bostons Homegrown talent: Steve Porter

May 23, 2005 at 8:13 AM CEST

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