Fabric 23 by Ivan Smagghe out in July

The next release on the highly acclaimed Fabric CD series is Fabric 23 by Ivan Smagghe, a wild ride through deep sub bass, twinkling electro and growling guitars. Ivan Smagghe stands at the crossroads between trendy scene hype and unflinching musical integrity. Since his earliest days on the Parisian electronic underground - working in record shops, as a music journalist, playing parties – he's shunned the obvious trends and embraced his own ideas. Over the years Ivan has recorded standout compilations for the Source Lab series, Suck My Deck for Bugged Out, and most recently Death Disco for Eskimo.

The CD opens deep and dubby with Aswefall, the acid rifts of Audion and I-Robot's bleeping acid 'Frau'. He moves through the quirky melodies and enticing snares of Ada's Booka Shade re-rub, before stepping up a gear into the bumping acid electro of Iñaqui Marin, with throbbing basslines from Michael's Mayer's 'Heiden' and Lopazz's dark vocals. DJ Koze comes on strong with clicks and loops, while [T]ékël rumbles through to The Kills snarling guitars and commanding vocals. Flipping it straight to dark and druggy there's Konrad Black's distinctive techno groove, as Ivan weaves through Fabrizio Mammarella's jackin' funk and the compelling throbs of Audion's 'Just Fucking'. Shimmying up to the winning post there's bristling electro from Serge Auto and the final disco tinged crescendo of Joakim's excellent Italo Dub remix of Poni Hoax.

Ivan on the mix: "Abstract bleeps and dark noises? Synths that rock? 4/4 electronics? Yes, all that. This is the scream of the guy who did not want to be pigeonholed."


01 - Aswefall – Ride (Der Schmeisser Lovelysplinter remix) – Kill The DJ
02 - Audion – Your Place Or Mine – Spectral Sound/ Ghostly International
03 - I-Robots – Frau (Pandullo Vs Und) – Irma
04 - Booka Shade – Vertigo Vs Cha! (Ada remix) – Get Physical Music
05 - Iñaqui Marin – You Can't Scape – Regular
06 - Michael Mayer – Heiden – Kompakt
** - Lopazz – Blood (acapella) – Output
07 - DJ Koze – The Geklöppel Continues - Kompakt
08 - [T]ékël – Snake Tartare – Initial Cuts
09 - The Kills – No Wow – Domino
10 - Konrad Black – Jefferson And Braeside – Wagon Repair
11 - Fabrizio Mammarella – Tear Up – BearFunk
12 - Audion – Just Fucking (Roman Flügel's "23 Positions In A One-Night Stand" Mix] – Spectral Sound/ Ghostly International
13 - Sergej Auto – Carnage, OK! – Saasfee
14 - Poni Hoax – Budapest (Joakim Italo Dub) - Tigersushi

Release Dates: Fabric CD Series Subscribers: 4/7/05; UK/Europe Retail: 18/7/05 USA/R.O.W: 2/8/05

Fabric 23 by Ivan Smagghe out in July

June 5, 2005 at 6:48 PM CEST

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