Desyn Masiello is on a Balance duty

Following on from the acclaimed 'Bedrock Original Series_01', Desyn Masiello is set to compile and mix the next EQ Balance compilation, entitled 'Balance 008', being Masiello's third mix compilation, and his second of 2005. Indeed, originality is the embodiment of Masiello's DJ'ing style. Unlike most DJs, not only do his sets contain tracks of many and varied description but the individual tunes he plays traverse no musical boundaries, often making genre categorization impossible. While some try and label him a 'progressive' DJ, the term is only applicable when denoting his forward thinking attitude. Just as evident are his tech, funk and deep house influences.

Similarly, 'Balance' is a series that refuses to be pigeon holed. Look at the previous contrasting styles of 'Balance' compiler's Chris Fortier, Anthony Pappa, James Holden and Phil K. 'Balance' has always given its DJs the freedom to create their own legacy; the results being incredible. Before 'Balance 006', few knew that breaks formed part of Anthony Pappa's repertoire. Even fewer would have imagined him capable of mixing a progressive breaks CD of such quality. The quirky, experimental, tech of Fortier on '007' as well as tribal house displayed by Phil K, better known as a break-beat pioneer, on '004' are all excursions just as memorable, and James Holden's '005' quite simply remains one of the best mix compilations you can hear anywhere.

Desyn Masiello is on a Balance duty

June 14, 2005 at 8:48 PM CEST

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