Alcatech launches new DJ tool: DigiScratch 2

The sophisticated and based on the well known BPM Studio Software solution DigiScratch 2 offers DJs the possibility to control Audio files via vinyl. Everything, from the setup to the handling, is just what DJs are used to! DJ techniques like Beat-matching, Scratching or Juggling are as well possible as the use of analog vinyls. But additional numerous features (i.e. software sampler, key correction or the unique cover display) make DigiScratch the perfect DJ tool.

Software features:
-control mode: vinyl record or CD
-supported sound file format: MP3, WAV, AIFF, WMA, CDA, ATX, MCA
-simultaneous playback of two tracks from the same CD
-on-board soundcard can be used as an additional channel (i.e. monitor)
-track selector section on the time code vinyl record (for mouse-free deejaying)
-different scratch modes (absolute, relative, internal)
-analyse function
-waveform display zoomable and partly different colour themes
-different waveform display modes, including spectral colours
-numerous functions such as time markers, cue points, live loops and a lot more
-Direct Recording (Mic/Phono/Line), Live Set Recording
-sample player with file editor
-automatic real-time BPM counter
-key (pitch) correction
-freely editable play lists and song archive manager with databank export and printing
-comfortable track display
-different search modes
-cover display
-MIDI learn and shortcuts

The DigiScratch 2 software is not bound to certain hardware and can be used with any multichannel ASIO soundcard. That way it is possible to vary the system according to demands and wallet. Furthermore, existing equipment such as for instance the FS 1.x USB can be used with the DigiScratch2 software. Alcatech of course also offers a special Bundle including Hardware which is a High End Soundcard based on RMEs famous Hammerfall Technology including MIDI in/out, Micro In, Monitor out, RIAA Phono PreAmps and a lot more.

Alcatech launches new DJ tool: DigiScratch 2

August 24, 2005 at 7:28 PM CEST

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