I Love Techno to celebrate its 10th anniversary in Gent, Belgium

On the 12th of November I Love Techno will be celebrating its 10th anniversary. Through the past decade I Love Techno grew from a 700 people event at Ghent's cosy Vooruit concert hall to a party with 35000 people in Flanders Expo. The first I Love Techno party was thrown on November 11th 1995. 700 people turn up at Vooruit Ghent to see Richie Hawtin, Jeff Mills and Daft Punk perform live.

1 year and 3 editions later in November 1996, I Love Techno explodes. The Vooruit became too small and the next edition was moved to Flanders Expo. Three rooms with Carl Cox, Dave Clarke, Jeff Mills and many others attract almost 10 000 people on May 7th 1997. In November 1999 almost 18 000 people turn up to check out Luke Slater, Sven Väth, Laurent Garnier or Derrick May. Five years, five rooms, 35000 people. Flanders Expo is sold out for the birthday edition on November 11th 2000. The years to follow I Love Techno will not cease to sell out and the one-off summer edition in Lommel in 2003 also was a blast.

During the last years the organizers of I Live Techno added an electro and a minimal room, because they feel these techno sub-genres have a fanatic following and deserve the exposure at an event like I Love Techno. Next to the big names such as Sven Väth and Richie Hawtin they also included more upcoming new talents for the future, as you will notice on this year's line-up too. And especially for the 10th anniversary they have also included some 'classic' names to the bill. So in general this year's line-up will offer a nice overview on the past, present and future of techno.

Underworld (live) | Dave Clarke | Miss Kittin | Collabs feat. Chris Liebing & Speedy J (live) | Tiga T.Raumschmiere (live) | Marco Bailey | Matthew Dear (live) | Sven Väth | Nathan Fake (live) Robert Hood | Tony Rohr (live) | Magda | DJ Bone | DJ Naughty | Pierre | Christian Smith Tobi Neumann | The Glimmers | Troy Pierce (live) | Tom Hades (live) | Deg | Andre Galluzzi Super Discount 2 (live) | Derrick May | Vitalic (live) | Richie Hawtin | Adam Beyer Fixmer/McCarthy (live) | Dr. Lektroluv | T-Quest | Jan Van Biesen | Spacid | Franco Cangelli

Watch out for the new Switch Video Room where you'll be able to see acts performing in the side rooms live in an extra room with an all around video wall and a full light and sound installation!

Room 1/Yellow Room
Who could be a better birthday present for I Love Techno than Underworld? The band succeeded in the past to connect (indie)rock with dance. Underworld, now without Darren Emerson, but with Darren Price, is still the best live act of its kind. Let's hope they give us a first taste of their forthcoming album due to be released next year. Two other European technogiants are Speedy J and Chris Liebing. They seemed to have enjoyed their cooperation as Collabs and are now working on a full disc and preparing to play a 4 hour live set. Belgium has its own big names as well, like Marco Bailey, a demanded guest at the big dance festivals abroad. In his wake we find the live act Tom Hades, who is about to release an album on Bailey's MB Elektronics label. The yellow room is opened by Christian Smith, who surely deserves to play there having invented the tech house genre.

Room 2/Green Room
To celebrate I Love Techno's 10th anniversary Dave Clarke, still one of the worlds top DJ's and producers responsible for self penned classics like 'Archive One' and 'Devils Advocate', was given the task of establishing the green room line-up. He put together a historical list of names that have and continue to inspire him, focusing on key artists and founding fathers. For example Derrick May, a man who, together with Atkins and Saunderson, could be considered one of the founders of the genre and went down in history by writing tracks as 'Strings Of Life' and 'Nude Photo'. Later on May got company from a second wave of Detroit producers such as the cult band Underground Resistance, who in the early nineties consisted of Jeff Mills, 'Mad' Mike Banks and Robert Hood. Another Motorcity man is DJ Bone, known through his underground labels Subject Detroit and Encounter. But also in Europe the eighties brought a refreshing wind to electronical music. At that time Douglas McCarthy had an undeniable influence on the Electronic Body Music band Nitzer Ebb. At I Love Techno he will be joined by techno musician Terence Fixmer. Deg is a Belgian product who has been rocking the legendary Fuse club since 1997. And of course we couldn't do without Dave Clarke himself who as an I Love Techno veteran and stalwart of all things techno will play a special extended 3 hour set.

Room 3/Orange Room
The BodyToBody room, an electro I Love Techno spin-off that took place for the first time in 2001, will feature 3 of the hottest electro live acts. T Raumschmiere raged through Belgium with his "Monstertruckdriver" in 2002 already and is now presenting his new album "Blitzkrieg Pop", a self-claimed 'punk-rock ambient' record. Vitalic proved to be a dance revelation at the summer festivals and is the best thing that has happened to French dance music since, well, Superdiscount. The electro/techno/house project of a man called Etienne De Crécy, who was personally responsible for the boom in French dance music in the mid-nineties with his bands Motorbass and Superdiscount. In between the live acts we've programmed exciting DJ sets by Tiga and DJ Naughty. Naughty is coming to present his mix cd "One Naughty Night In Berlin" on Eskimo Recordings, Tiga will undoubtedly break through next year. His singles "Sunglasses At Night", "Pleasure From The Bass" and the new "You Gonna Want Me" feat. Jake Shears from the Scissor Sisters make us long to hear his album which is due to be released next year and will be produced by the Soulwax brothers. This brings us to Belgium, home of the BodyToBody resident Dr. Lektroluv and of The Glimmers, who are conquering the world at this very moment.

Room 4/Blue Room
Minimal techno seemed to be the talk of the dance town last year and it is comforting to know that the most exciting electronic movement of the moment is still developing itself in a surprising kind of way. The "Minimize to Maximize" compilation on Richie Hawtin's Minus label offers an exquisite overview of this genre. Hawtin, who continues to renovate on his new mix album DE9: Transitions, is accompanied by some fine Minus colleagues such as Magda and live act Troy Pierce. We warmly recommend Matthew Dear, a.k.a. Audion and False, called one of the big promising artists by all techno press. We don't have to tell you anything about Adam Beyer, who made Sweden to a techno nation at the time and will be releasing a 12" on Plus 8, and the Belgian DJ Pierre.

Room 5/Red Room
Sven Väth probably holds the record for the highest number of ILT appearances. That's because he's still one of the best disc jockeys, but also because he was the founding father of a number of influencing labels and the soul father of the Cocoon club and the Cocoon agency. Cocoon produced amongst others André Galluzzi, especially known through his Taksi releases, multitalent Tony Rohr as live act and Tobi Neumann, who produced a.o. Chicks on Speed and some of his own material on Playhouse. No Cocoon artist, yet a beloved guest at the Cocoon club is Miss Kittin, the uncrowned queen of electro who scarcely needs to be introduced. Let's see how Nathan Fake, who's now working on his debut on James Holden's Border Community label, plays live.

Room 6/Switch Video Room
New on this year's ILT is the Switch video room, a circle-shaped hall in the middle of Flanders Expo where one can watch the Underworld, Derrick May and Dave Clarke sets on big video walls with adapted light show and P.A. as they play live. The musical scenery is taken care of by Belgium's finest DJ sets. T-Quest, who composed this year's ILT anthem, and Jan Van Biesen, who has been leading the Studio Brussel programme Switch for years now.

Chill Out Room
Relax and take a deep breath in the chill out zone, where Spacid and Franco Cangelli will play an extra long adapted ambient set.


I Love Techno to celebrate its 10th anniversary in Gent, Belgium

October 19, 2005 at 2:22 AM CEST

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