Rui Da Silva to remix Johm and Yoko last track

Portuguese DJ/producer, Rui da Silva, has been asked by Yoko Ono to remix 'Walking on Thin Ice', the last track that she and John Lennon wrote before his murder.

In a statement Da Silva said: "I know how close this record is to Yoko s heart and the first time I heard it I was blown away. It sounded like a house record but with rock instruments and I knew I wanted to be involved in it." The original recording was stolen after Lennon's murder. Elsewhere in his extracurricular activities, da Silva created the title and runway music (which accompanied the competitors as they sashayed down the runway), in the recent Miss World competition, on Saturday Dec 7, after the production company who wanted to "modernise" the show approached him. He releases a new single, 'Feel The Love', featuring guest vocalist, Victoria Horn, Jan 27. Horn co-wrote the lyrics to Dirty Vegas' US hit 'Days Go By' and Dannii Minogue's UK hit with Riva, 'Who Do You Love Now?'

Rui Da Silva to remix Johm and Yoko last track

December 10, 2002 at 12:16 AM CET

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