Muak Return in 2006 at Londons Herbal

2006 promises to be a great year as Muak (People Together) makes its long awaited return on Saturday 4th March 2006 at Herbal, one of London's premiere bar and nightclub. Playing in the main room, Muak welcome Dan Smith and Conan Manchester who together form the production and DJ duo Liquid People.

Accompanying them on the night will be Muak's very own host and founder DJ Zaki to provide the best in deep house music.With over eight years experience of producing and remixing, Dan Smith and Conan Manchester have forged a powerful partnership in the global house scene and their fresh, ever-developing style ensues this duo are a regular fixture on the DJ circuit.

Support for their work has come from respected artists such as Tony Humphries, Masters at Work, Terry Hunter, Basement Boys and Danny Rampling. To continue to develop their unique sound, the duo have established their own label - Cyphon Records - in partnership with Simon Dumore and Defected Records.

In the second room Soy Mustafa, the brainchild of record label Shack Music, celebrates its first birthday and growing reputation as an emergent dance label. In its first year Shack Music has worked alongside credible artists and producers such as Moses McClean, Franck Roger and Phil Asher.

Also People Like Us, Rob Chapman and FreeForm will continue to provide the best in music as they undertake a true retrospective journey throughout house music via soul, funk and rare grooves.

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Muak Return in 2006 at Londons Herbal

January 27, 2006 at 2:20 PM CET

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