Dance Valley 2006 Weekender

Over the past decade, connoisseurs from all continents and cultures have made the yearly pilgrimage to recreation area Spaarnwoude in Velsen to enjoy the unique atmosphere and the varied sounds again and again.

In 2005 the Dance Valley stem sprouted a new bud as the festival grew over more than one day for the first time in its history. And the previously unheard-of combination of dance and camping really hit the mark. Following in the long tradition of rock and pop festivals, in Dance Valley the Netherlands at last has its own two-day dance event.

Dance Valley 2005 brought together a colourful and tightly-knit dance family from every corner of the world. From as far afield as Japan, Thailand, South Africa, Australia and Indonesia, not to mention Belgium, Spain and the UK, they merged to create an indescribable experience. For one weekend only, tough techno fans in combat gear and army boots shared the dancefloor and campsite with golden-haired beauties in their sexy dresses and stilettos. All were one over two memorable days. In this warm and easy-going atmosphere, everyone completely forgot the unexpected cool summer weather. Even when the live music ended at around midnight on Friday, only a very few could tear themselves away from the party to their sleeping bags, to charge their batteries for the next day.

This year's line-up isn't going to encourage much sleep either, with the fun going on right through the night. In the sizzling 24-hour area, the swinging silent disco and the hypermodern game area, you can party, dance, drink, laugh, talk, flirt, cuddle and kiss until the sun comes up. The nearby campsite features every imaginable convenience and luxury, and in the laid-back tent camp everybody's going to be smiling from ear to ear all weekend. This is going to be another two whole days of intense and fraternal enjoyment of real music and dance at the only festival to have stayed true to its origins and not kowtow to the mainstream...

Once again, Spaarnwoude's surrealistic hillscape is the backdrop to two days of love, peace and happiness – plus a cast-iron line-up of live acts and a whole spectrum of music – on Friday 14th and Saturday 15th July, with the campsite staying open on Sunday 16th as well. Ticket sales begin on 23th March, with the first names in the 160-act line-up being announced on 20th March.

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Dance Valley 2006 Weekender

March 13, 2006 at 9:31 PM CET

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