Gabriel & Dresden remix Oscar winning track: The Wings

Some might have viewed the request to remix the theme music from one of the most successful movies of the moment with a high degree of trepidation, but when San Francisco based duo Gabriel & Dresden were approached to create a club version of Gustavo Santadalla's "The Wings", otherwise known as the "Theme From Brokeback Mountain", they new it was a challenge they could meet with confidence.

Having just emerged from their San Francisco home based studio after completing work on their much-anticipated self-titled debut artist album, their creativity is now at an all time high. The combination of Gabriel & Dresden's sexy beats, credible underground production techniques, and the unforgettable musical score by Grammy award winner Gustavo Santaolalla, featuring the string arrangements of David Richard Campbell (father of rock musician, Beck), was sure to be a match made in heaven.

The atmosphere of the soundtrack is marked by a blend of folk, bluegrass, and country. Gustavo Santaolalla's original score is subtly evocative yet emotionally powerful, which is a perfect match for Gabriel & Dresden's mastery of emotional dance music. Their highly respectful club remix is a rollercoaster ride of expansive beauty. It features uplifting country guitar interludes, and sweeping euphoric strings, on a bed of understated, crisp, house beats. This is a remix that has the power to make your spirit rise, and yet remains true to the original musical score.

Gabriel & Dresden's self-titled debut artist album is set for release on their own Organized Nature label in June 2006. The album features 8 new vocal tracks sung by Atlanta based Molly Bancroft and London based Jan Burton. Gabriel & Dresden also collaborated with San Francisco based DJ Scarlett Etienne on a dirty instrumental that has already been played on Pete Tong's 'Essential Selection' BBC 1 Radio show, alongside other exclusive cuts from the album, including world exclusive plays of the first single from the album, "Tracking Treasure Down".

Gabriel & Dresden remix Oscar winning track: The Wings

March 20, 2006 at 2:01 AM CET

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