Terry Francis and Nathan Coles come together as Wiggle on Fabric 28

Wiggle is the catch-all term covering record label, clubnight, artist name and attitude of London's fledging acid house scene experts Terry Francis and Nathan Coles. Fabric 28 is the first time the Wiggle sound has been captured on a compilation - is a statement-making mix, as fun, involving and unfussy as Francis and Coles themselves.

When Terry Francis and Nathan Coles started throwing parties, it was pretty much a reaction to their circumstances. Already committed to, and both influenced by rare groove and up-tempo soul, they wanted to do something off their own backs, just for their mates, with DJs they liked. Over a decade later the pair are still in the rudest health, noising up nightclubs with that same simple ethos, while DJing together all over the world, the pair are bang in the middle of an industrious community of producers, all excelling at making music to escape in and get down to.

"It's nice because between the two of us we can basically go all over the place – go a little funky and then maybe a bit deeper... we make it quite a nice little journey, as DJs say. At the end of the day, we're only glorified jukeboxes, so we may as well have fun with it. Music's supposed to be fun." - Terry Francis

"The way Terry mixes and the way I mix are different in some ways - maybe sometimes I cut things up a little bit more and Terry plays a little bit smoother so it makes for a nice contrast. When we play it's fun. I think that comes across to people. Without getting too hippie-fied about it, people can feel that vibe." - Nathan Coles

Fabric 28 is an emotive, bass-driven mix that transports the listener straight to the site of their most rapturous club experience, with thick, warm basslines governing unruly, restless beats. With such similar backgrounds and dispositions, and after working so closely for so long, it's not surprising they have a tight, subliminal connection, habitually finish each other's sentences and – as captured perfectly on 'Fabric 28' - each other's mixes on the decks.

Fabric 28 – Wiggle tracklist
01 Hipp-E. Darkness Brovas. NRK
02 Corrie. Some Bizarre. Presslab
03 Army Of One Martian. Keg Party. Exun
04 Peace Division. Club Therapy. NRK
05 Argy. Love Dose. Poker Flat
06 Presence. Gettin' Lifted. Miso
07 Will B Pres... Buki Cole & Free Radikal. Travelling [John Ciafone Remix]. INP
08 Style Of Eye Ft. Chalek. Hydroponic. Tiny Sticks
09 Cle. No Need To See. Soundproof
10 C-Soul. Everybody [Nathan Coles Remix]. On The House
11 Marc Romboy Vs. Blake Baxter. Freakin. Systematic
12 The Dopeheadz. Say Something. Robsoul
13 Mario Fabriani. Release. Nightshift
14 Laid. Punch Up [Wozsonik Vokz Mix]. Syam
15 Terry & Ricardo. Change. Hallucination
16 Fish Go Deep Ft. Tracey K. The Cure & The Cause [Dennis Ferrer Remix]. Go Deep
17 Mula. Her Boyfriend Was The DJ [Bushy Remix]. Stompa Phunk
18 Annette. Dream 17 [Nathan Coles & Dave Coker Love Your Feel Mix]. BMG

Terry Francis and Nathan Coles come together as Wiggle on Fabric 28

March 28, 2006 at 11:16 PM CEST

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