Ben Mono Interview

29 years old Ben Mono aka Paul Beller hails from Munich, Germany. A self-taught drummer, keyboard and bass player Ben Mono had released by the age of 23 two 12 inches under the moniker of "Force & Paul" on Compost Records. Collaborations with local and regional people soon followed on labels such as Spinning Wheel (Space Clique, Druckwelle, Sonic Surfer) and Sonar Kollektiv (Space Clique remix for Micatone).

He also studied bass at the Converatorium of Music in Munich, and has been involved in creating various professional movie soundtracks. In 2003 he released his debut solo album on Compost Records, entitled "Dual", described as a world of cut-up sounds and innovative broken beat bringing.

Ben Mono visited Romania recently playing at the 2006 edition of the TMBase Music Workshop, in Timisoara and in Bucharest at Club Gossip the night before. Beat Factor had the chance to ask him a few questions in Timisoara before his set.

Ben Mono Interview

April 10, 2006 at 2:14 AM CEST

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