Buzzin Fly Volume 3 due out in June

The 3rd volume album of the underground Buzzin' Fly label will be released this June, providing an expedition through the label's moods and grooves. Buzzin' Fly Vol III is a testament to Ben Watt's role as A&R chief and creative director that almost all of Buzzin' Fly's successes have come from young first-time producers and debutants.

Recent cuts from Moscow's Kayot and Lisbon's Darkmountaingroup have moved floors and minds for the label's longtime deep house supporters but critically, for the imprint's ascendancy, for East London and Berlin's darker and more progressive DJs too.

In fact it is a show of the esteem in which Ben Watt holds his roster that three-quarters of the mix is comprised of Buzzin' Fly artists, each track notable for its variety and diversity. Early on, the blissedout electro of Kayot is thrustingly re-worked by Lyon's deep dons, Manoo and Francois Aymonier. Darkmountaingroup's Acid-soul floor-buster, 'Lose Control' then tightens the grip until the atmospheric melancholia of Franco-Portuguese trio, Rodamaal and Detroit's Lephtee perfectly set up the beatless ambient close.

In between, Watt hand-picks five modernist classics to join the dots, drawing on the edgy beauty of Fairmont's 'Gazebo' from James Holden's Border Community label, the exhilarating deep drive of The Timewriter's little-known remix for Hungary's Budai and Vic ('I Love Deep'), John Tejada's pared-down electro elegance, the serene techno of Madoka, and Copenhagen's Martinez's jabbing and swirling remix of Jussi-Pekka's 'Stereo Interleaved! (presented here in Watt's complete back-to-front re-edit that weaves through an inspired three minute intermix with Kayot's 'Clear Sky').

Melodic, honest and at times painfully melancholic, yet throroughly crisp and modern, this is surely the work of a DJ and label chief at the top of his game.

Buzzin' Fly will celebrate the release of their 3rd album on June 16 at The End in London.

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Buzzin Fly Volume 3 due out in June

April 20, 2006 at 4:43 PM CEST

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