New album from Junkie XL comming up!

Tom Holkenborg aka Junkie XL will release his forthcoming double album "Radio JXL: A Broadcast From The Computerhell Cabin" on June 2nd.

The album will be a two hour broadcast, with the radio as a central theme. One disc will be called "3pm" and represents daytime radio and dance music merged with pop music. The other disc, called "3am", reflects nighttime radio and is similar to what a DJ might do. It is very dance-orientated, it starts slowly and dubby, and builds up over 70 minutes to steaming techno.

The vocalists that appear on the "3pm" disc are:
Saffron(Republica) on Rehsurc, Spiritsand Beauty Never Fades
Peter Toshon Sleepy Policeman
Gary Numanon Angels
Chuck D(Public Enemy) on Access To The Excess
Solomon Burkon Catch Up To My Step
Terry Hall(ex-Specials) on Never Alone
Infusionon Nightmaresand Aqua Man
Anoukon Between These Walls
Phill Mills(ex-Nerve) on Logos
Shelly Harlandon Rivers
Grant Nicholas(Feeder) on Clouds
Sashaon Breezer

The second CD, "3am", starts with the liquid cool ambience of Chilledand the spatial, digitised dub of Dubzilla, the journey moves through Casio'sstripped-down beats of before picking up pace with the 12" mix of Angels and the anthemic, guitar-led Breezer. The floor-rocking Nudgedrives into progressive dance territory whilst Redmounts and acid-powered assault on the senses before the 12" mix of Beauty Never Fadesintroduces Saffron's unmistakable vocals. Cosmic Curebrings an acoustically-tinged, melancholy edge before the CD closes with the grand, beatless strains of Rehsurc.

The first single will be ?Catch Up To Me Step? that Tom has made with blues legend and Grammy Award winning Solomon Burke.

New album from Junkie XL comming up!

March 19, 2003 at 11:44 AM CET

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