Pre Reworks 2006 Festival in Thessaloniki, Greece

Reworks is the first ever complete audio-visual art festival in N. Greece which was brought to life firstly at 1 October 2005 under coordination and production of the NON collective. Having set as main purpose of existence the elevation of the unbreakable relationship between music and modern arts, it has offered a stable platform where new ideas, musical trends and talented artists of the domestic and international scene could be seen and heard.

Agoria, Luciano, Dominik Eulberg, Alex Smoke, Ison, Solar, Konstantinos Bhta, Apparat,, Neon, Pekay Tayloh, Dr. Lektroluv, Haris Pallas, Swayzak, The Scientifics, Savage, are only some of total of 32 artists that offered the maximum of their performance for this project to declare its existense. Today, after long and hard preparations, and armed with the warm acceptance that the first Reworks festival meat, the NON collective has set a new target: to make the Reworks philosophy know as far as possible

For that purpose, the NON is planning a big Pre-Reworks tour, which is only the beginning of the Reworks 06 trip. Making stops at various cities, as Thessaloniki, Athens, Sofia(BG), Kozani, Edessa, Ioaninna, Volos, Serres, Chalkidiki, Veria, Asprovalta, Pre-Reworks tour will pick in Thessaloniki with the major Pre-Reworks event. Stars to this tour will be all the artists who stared the success of Reworks 05 as well as new faces who will carry the Reworks idea further this year.

Pre-reworks Festival 2006
Saturday 13 May - Pre-reworks @ Mylos - Thessaloniki
Line-up: The Hacker, Alex Smoke, Reinhard Voigt, Apparat, Ison (NON, GR)
Solar (NON, GR)
Wetsound Orchestra live (Poeta Negra, GR) Arne Rassimus (3rd floor recs, GER) Yassin Rupp (3rd floor recs, GER) (NON, GR) Stratos (NON, GR) The Scientifics (GR) Elias (GR) Jim Poulios & Stavro K (Electricity Movement, GR) Johnny Mass (NON, GR) Greg Ignatovich (NON, GR)

Alter Vision showcase

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Pre Reworks 2006 Festival in Thessaloniki, Greece

May 9, 2006 at 4:34 PM CEST

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