Cosmic Gate released No More Sleep CD

The brand new album from Cosmic Gate is out ! With this "No More Sleep", they have finally put forth their massive album to the masses, featuring massive new tracks, a few favourites, and also a couple of nice collaborations!

The new album from Cosmic Gate is being pushed out in stores this coming week on EMI Records in Europe, featuring 12 superb tracks, including an all new collaboration with vocalist Jan Johnston.

Titled "No More Sleep" this is Cosmic Gate's debut album of 2002 and was premiered at RPR Maximal's radio show on July 5th when Cosmic Gate played from 9:30 pm at the debut party.


1. Welcome
2. The Truth (7" Edit)
3. Milky Way
4. No More Sleep
5. Back to Earth (7" Edit)
6. The Wave
7. Raging Storm feat. Jan Johnston
8. Human Beings (Album Mix)
9. Hardcore (7" Edit)
10. Just a Tone
11. Rok da Houze! meets DJ Errik
12. Exploration of Space (New Club 10" Mix)

Cosmic Gate released No More Sleep CD

July 7, 2002 at 10:19 PM CEST

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