Hi Fi North Event Review

The end of May bank holiday has always been seen as the unofficial start of the summer festival season, despite spectacular showcases at Skolbeats in Brazil and more conceptual displays at London's newly formed Encompass taking place throughout May.

The honour of opening the summer season has traditionally been in the hands of Homelands. Things have changed since Homelands seized business however - with the Global Gathering team deciding to put on Hi Fi.

Hi Fi, a 2-site festival concept in its first year, covered the South (at the same site that Homelands occupied) and rather more originally at the Matfen Estate near Newcastle for Hi Fi North. Both festivals were billed as the ideal setting for the iPod generation who have 'impeccable style and taste, and a distinct dislike for being pigeonholed'. Without sounding too obtuse, this marketing pitch was an extremely poor attempt to connect with 2 contrasting musical movements. Fiercely loyal fans of electronic music and independent bands alike do not usually appreciate patronising generalisations concerning their consumption of music. Moreover, having an iPod does not automatically generate impeccable taste. This argument could explain why Hi Fi North was far from a sell out event. That said the quality of a festival should be judged predominantly on the music it presents, and in spells Hi Fi North produced many fine moments.

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Hi Fi North Event Review

June 20, 2006 at 1:35 PM CEST

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