Four:Twenty launches its debut compilation with James Mowbray

Running since 2001, Four:Twenty Recordings has amassed an impressive roster, including Loco Dice, Buttrich, Hyper, Daniel Taylor, D Ramirez and James Mowbray. The label is now taking up a gear and releasing its first label compilation - Music01, not only to showcase the sound of the label itself, but to also showcase the music selection and forward-thinking mixing abilities of one of its main artists – James Mowbray.

DJing since he was 16 and producing for three years, James Mowbray got involved with Four:Twenty with D Ramirez, when the two sent some demos to the label. A&R liked what they heard and as Mowbray got off the plane in Ibiza he got a call saying they wanted to sign him. A year and a three-track deal later we have James mixing their first ever compilation. James also holds a monthly residency at Turnmills for Soundworx, where he will hold a London launch party on July 14th.

The mixed CD includes tracks from Buttrich (Loco Dice's production partner), Phonique, Jesse Rose, Drama Society, James Mowbray & D Ramirez, Mowbray & Sullivan, Tolfrey & Sylvester, Adultnapper and more. The mix was done live and in one take using Serato Scratch Live:

"The mix is 80 minutes of music that moves me and I feel passionate about, some of it new, some of it tracks that have played an important part in my DJ sets over the past 18 months. There's no high concept or long months of post-production and edits that no-one will even notice. I wanted to let the tracks speak for themselves, so I recorded it completely live", James Mowbray states. The eight track unmixed bonus CD includes highlights from the label and exclusive releases from early Loco Dice, Buttrich, TG and Daniel Taylor.

Four:twenty presents:Music01 - mixed by James Mowbray is released July 10.

Artwork Competition

The artwork and packaging for this release is designed by Bristol spray-can artist Dicy. To encourange other artists to get their work out there Four:Twenty are running a competition for an unknown artist to design the artwork for the next Four:Twenty release: Buttrich's "Well Done" (first track on James' mix).

To enter the artwork MUST be in 12" by 12" format and needs to be non digital - ie acryllic, spray paint, chalk, crayon, sketched (no potato prints or finger painting!!) - send a digital photograph to The winner/ runners up will then be contacted and would need to send the finished artwork to the label.

The winner's design will be the front cover for 1000 limited edition 12s" of Buttrich's "Well Done/Audiofeel" released August 28th which will feature a remix from a very special artist. The runners up designs will feature on the back.

The closing date for this is August 7th


1: Buttrich 'Well Done'
2: Tolfrey & Syvester 'Spinach Disko'
3: Phonique 'Prepared' (exclusive)
4: Adultnapper 'Factoring Your Lack of Cool'
5: Jesse Rose 'You're All Love My Head'
6: Mowbray & Sullivan 'Monkey Nuts' (exclusive)
7: J Rod & Pat Nice feat Joe Good 'Peter Pan' (A Jackin' Phreak remix)
8: 'Tatoo nr Three (The Wooly Bully)'
9: TG 'You Aint Got Time To Think'
10: Dapayk Solo 'Salieri'
11: Drama Society 'Crescendo'
12: Linus Loves 'Night Music' (Dirt Crew remix)
13: Bolls 'Lovelotion'
14: 2 Dawgs 'It's A Dawg's Life' (Jori Hulkkonen remix)
15: Marcus Worgull 'Dragon Loop'


1: Buttrich 'Meeting Dave Dish'
2: Loco Dice 'City Lights'
3: B-Pole 'The Long Con'
4: Daniel Taylor 'Mord' (Loco Dice remix)
5: TG 'System of Wires' (TG's edit)
6: James Mowbray & D Ramirez 'I Choose Anger' (H- Man remix)
7: Hyper 'Come With Me' (Daniel Taylor remix)
8: Loco Dice 'Cellar Door'

James Mowbray Tour dates:

June 23rd - Club Prive, Tallinn, Estonia
June 24th - Illusion, Tartu, Estonia
June 30th - Electro-luxe, Nottingham tbc
July 1st - Suzuka, Lincoln tbc
July 14th - Soundworx, The Gallery, London LAUNCH PARTY
July 15th - Sun Dance Festival tbc
July 21st - Enar Party tbc
August 4th - Inigo Bar, Clapham
August 5th - Shivoo, Leicester
August 11th - Soundworx, The Gallery, London
August 25th - Club Prive, Tallinn, Estonia
August 26th - Illusion, Tartu, Estonia

Four:Twenty launches its debut compilation with James Mowbray

June 20, 2006 at 1:40 PM CEST

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