The Two Headed Monster: Craig Richards and Transparent Sound

The Two Headed Monster is a new project of the UK duo Transparent Sound, due out on their own imprint Orson Records on July 10, pairing together Orson artists with like-minded, visionary producers and DJs for an open-minded snapshot of the music making clubbing in 2006.

For the debut release in this series, Transparent Sound has hooked up with Fabric resident and long-time champion of cutting edge, underground dance music, Craig Richards.

"In the clubs you're seeing an interaction between live acts and DJs, and the DJs themselves, by using laptops and programs like Traktor, Ableton and Final Scratch, are bringing in new technological elements to their sets," comments Transparent Sound's Orson Bramley on one of the key concepts behind the series. "'The Two Headed Monster' is about trying to show the differences – and similarities - between these things."

Transparent Sound has put together a live studio mix that draws on the many weird and wonderful styles of music that are influencing their productions. From the driving bass assaults of 'Vintage' and 'Proper Techno' through to the more delicate, intricate rhythms of 'Variations Of An Attitude' and 'Voyeur's Chance' right through to the sublime 'Hell Bent' and 'The Cider Club', it's an engaging, melodic and dynamic set of tracks that although diverse, remain fluidand coherent throughout.

Craig's DJ mix, his first to be released in two years, is a deep, hypnotic collection of current favorites and rediscovered gems that never once takes its eye off of the dancefloor. Many of the tracks he's edited himself, and as well as this he's added a load of his own FX. Craig says "It's quite bouncy and groovy, and is probably closer to the first mix I did for the Fabric series than the Tyrant one from a couple of years ago. I tried to keep it moving around as much as possible, messing around with the tunes and sneaking in things that people wouldn't always expect." The end result's a thrilling Trans Europe Express-way ride through the EU's most daring discotheques and illicit after-parties, and it makes for a devastating trip.

'The Two Headed Monster', the first full-length release on the label, is to be followed by a series of limited-edition colored vinyls and samplers. These three releases will come in the form of tracks from Craig's DJ mix, a brand new TS production 'Hell Bent' (with remixes from Dub Kult, Espion and Mesak) and an exclusive studio collaboration between Craig and Transparent Sound.


CD1 – mixed by Craig Richards
01. Andy Toth 'Jovian Zoology' (Kenaob)
02. Sweet.NCandy 'Mail' (Lebendsfreude)
03. Crane AK 'Electrothermid' (Force Tracks)
04. Ryan Crosson 'Artists Have Bad Haircuts' (Telegraph)
05. Lineas De Nazca 'Circuito Interior' (Eintakt)
06. Apoll 'From A To B' Falko Brocksieper Remix' (Tongut)
07. Lexdinamo 'Iky' (Karat)
08. T.Raumschmiere 'Knisterpop' (Sender Records)
09. Und 'Coccopuffs' (Trapez)
10. Motor '1.1' (Salq)
11. Alex Under 'Gavroche' (Regular)
12. Joel Mull 'Untitled' (Läsk)
13. Actual Jakshun 'Sequential Circus' (Minus)
14. Louderbach 'Grace (Anxiety)' (Underline)
15. 2000 And One 'Get Down' Shinedoe Remix (Intacto Records)
16. Ruadive 'Turn It Off' (Klang)
17. MarcAshken 'Hair Up High' (Leftroom)
18. Matt John 'Jokebox' (Perlon)

CD2 – Transparent Sounds (LIVE)
01. Secrets Of The Sane
02. Voyeur's Chance
03. Hell Bent
04. The Cider Club
05. Sucking Lemons
06. Tales Of The Two Headed Monster
07. Spot The Difference
08. Proper Techno
09. Vintage
10. Variations Of An Attitude

Launch Parties:
July 1: Official 'Two Headed Monster' Launch Party - Room 1 @ Fabric, London
July 2: Album Launch after-parties @ secret venues, London
July 6: Ireland (tbc)
July 7: Courtyard @ The Trinity Rooms, Limerick, Ireland
July 8: Ireland (tbc)
July 14: Nottingham - pencilled in only
July 21: Stompa Phunk @ Audio, Brighton
August 9: The Vibe Bar, London

The Two Headed Monster: Craig Richards and Transparent Sound

June 20, 2006 at 1:42 PM CEST

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